‘The Walking Dead’: What Happened With Michonne & the Red-Headed Woman?



Some fans aren’t quite sure what happened between Michonne and the red-haired woman during Season 7 Episode 8 of The Walking Dead. We have the explanation right here. There are spoilers for the midseason finale below.

Here’s what you need to know.

When Michonne and the red-haired woman drove toward Negan’s camp, Michonne saw the town that Negan controls — The Sanctuary. She saw that it’s vast, spread out, and full of many, many more people than she and her group have. It probably also felt overwhelming to her to see so many people, while she was out there by herself trying to take Negan down.

That’s why she looked so emotional as she looked down the road. Later, she told Rick that at this moment, she realized that whatever she did, it had to be with Rick as a team, not alone.

The red-haired woman told Michonne that there was a silencer in the glove compartment. Next, we see a brief flash in the car and Michonne is turning the car around and driving away from Negan’s town.

Michonne recognized that the woman wanted to be shot and killed. We’re not sure why, since the woman had just tried to save her own life earlier by slamming on the brakes and sending Michonne flying forward. But for whatever reason, her sense of self preservation left her.

Rather than hesitating, Michonne just took the gun and shot and killed the woman. Then she drove away and, more than likely, followed the woman’s advice to burn the car and drop it in a lake.

The woman’s death was confirmed on The Talking Dead, after the show.

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