Corinne Olympios’ Nanny Raquel: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Corinne Olympios is a contestant on The Bachelor 2017 and one of the biggest aspects of her life that viewers remember is that she has a nanny at age 24. Get to know more about Olympios’ life and her nanny Raquel.

1. A GoFundMe Page Has Been Put Up for Raquel

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Olympios does not call her nanny Raquel a chef, a housekeeper or anything else but a “nanny.” On the show, she reveals that Raquel makes her bed, fixes her lunch, makes her lemon pasta. Olympios says that she cannot make cheese pasta the way Raquel does, no matter how much she tries. Olympios has stated that Raquel “does everything for me.” Since Raquel has been shown on The Bachelor, someone has created a GoFundMe page in order to raise money for Raquel to “get a better job.” In response to this, Corinne posted this message online:

This is not a joke anymore someone took this way too far and is trying to make money for themselves… Raquel is not a slave and my family and I treat her like part of the family. Leave it alone already it’s getting old. Grow up.

2. Nick Viall Has Joked About Getting a Nanny Too

When Viall appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live at the beginning of this season, Viall talked about Olympios’ having a nanny, joking that:

While I certainly appreciate the potential red flags of a grown woman having a nanny, I also thought to myself, ‘Huh, what are the benefits? If this works out, do I also get the nanny?

Viall also reveals that a contestant other than Olympios lets him know about the “nanny issue.”

3. When Olympios Tells the Other Girls About Her Nanny, Their Minds Are Blown

Olympios sits down with some of the other contestants on the show and tells them that she needs her nanny. The other girls first responses are wondering if Olympios has children. Then they ask her how old she is? They cannot understand why a grown woman would have a nanny. Contestant Jasmine Goode says her mind has been blown.

In defending why she has a nanny, she says that Raquel’s waiting on her is a pleasure of Raquel’s and that she is not going to stand in the way of another person’s happiness.

4. Olympios Has Spoken Out About Her Nanny on Twitter

Nick&Corinne Week 12017-01-04T18:34:27.000Z

When Olympios is not competing on The Bachelor, she lives with her family in Florida and says that they are around each other “24/7”. In an intro video for this season (above), Olympios is shown on her laptop instructing someone, who we believe is her mother, to tell Raquel to bring her her snack.

Because of the uproar on Twitter over Olympios having a nanny, Olympios posted a since deleted tweet, which read:

Everyone needs to relax about the nanny thing. Raquel is part of my family so calling her a house keeper or cleaning lady is disrespectful.

Perhaps Raquel was Olympios’ nanny from when she was a child and her role has evolved.

5. Even If Olympios Didn’t Live With Her Family, She Would Keep Her Nanny

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A post shared by Corinne Olympios (@colympios) on Jan 7, 2017 at 1:24pm PST

In an interview for The Bachelor, Olympios stated that even if she no longer lived with her family, she would bring Raquel with her to her new home. Olympios also talked about her family’s business to Glamour, saying the company involves “doing epoxy floorings and roof coatings.” According to Olympios, the business is primarily online. This Is Insider reports that her family’s company is most likely ArmorGarage Inc., a company owned by a James Olympios.

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