‘How to Get Away With Murder’ Winter Premiere: What Time and Channel Is It On?

Tonight, How to Get Away With Murder returns for its winter premiere, and the second half of Season 3 is gearing up to be an interesting one. In the dramatic fall finale, Annalise’s house was burned to the ground with a dead Wes and pregnant Laurel. Annalise was arrested, and taken away to the slammer, sending waves of shock through the lives of everyone around her. The remainder of Season 3 will be driven by two very important questions: who stared the fire, and who killed Wes?

Get the details on the show, when it airs, what channel to watch and more below.

DATE: Thursday, January 26, 2017

TIME: 10 p.m. ET/PT

CHANNEL: ABC – Check your local TV provider (ie. FIOS, Optimum, Time Warner) to find out what channel the ABC network is on in your area. You can also use the ABC channel finder to look for your local stations by clicking here.

LIVE STREAM: ABC has a live stream available, along with additional coverage — free via ABC Watch Live. You will need cable to log in or have someone else’s cable information.

EPISODE TITLE: We’re Bad People

EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Annalise sits in jail as the DA’s office compiles evidence against her. Meanwhile, the police try to figure out how Wes’ body wound up in the house fire; and the remainder of the Keating 5 mourn the loss of one of their own 

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