WATCH: Best Picture Mess Up at Oscars – ‘Moonlight’ Wins Best Picture, Not ‘La La Land’

At tonight’s 2017 Oscars, presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway delivered the wrong winner for Best Picture, announcing La La Land as the winner. Unfortunately for them, the movie Moonlight is the actual Best Picture winner.

Someone is getting fired tonight because actors Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway apparently got the wrong card when they opened their envelope to announce tonight’s winner of Best Picture. When Beatty opened the envelope on stage, he appeared to either be confused or that he couldn’t exactly read what was written. Dunaway ended up making the La La Land announcement.

Right in the middle of La La Land accepting the award, cast members and crew started to leave the stage and producer Jordan Horowitz announced, “We lost.” He also insisted, “This is not a joke.” Host Jimmy Kimmel came out on stage with Warren Beatty and revealed that Moonlight had won. Kimmel joked, blaming Steve Harvey for the mix-up, referring to Harvey’s major pageant win mess-up.

Beatty took the microphone, explaining that the card they received had “Emma Stone, La La Land” written on it, so he and Dunaway were confused. It definitely looks like someone may have handed them the envelope from the previous award, Best Actress. However, Stone revealed after the awards show that she had been holding her Best Actress card “the whole time.” Perhaps it was a duplicate card that was made by mistake and put into the Best Picture envelope. Watch Stone’s reveal in the below tweet.

Backstage after the event, Stone tried to make light of the situation and you can see her reaction in the below Twitter video.

La La Land was nominated in 14 categories at this year’s Academy Awards.

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