‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Spoilers – Episode 9 2/20/2017

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Tonight is the hometown dates on The Bachelor tonight with a brand new episode. Last week, Nick Viall let go a couple women and he also struggled with the concept of a “happy ending” at the finish line. Tonight’s episode will feature four hometown dates with Nick Viall and one girl will be given the axe. Now, just a warning for major Bachelor fans; if you are NOT interested in reading spoilers on tonight’s episode, STOP READING NOW. Otherwise, read on for all the juicy details.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get started with an official synopsis of tonight’s episode on ABC:

Corinne, Rachel, Raven and Vanessa are left in Bimini, still shocked that Nick sent Kristina home before the rose ceremony. They wonder if they still will get a coveted hometown date from the unpredictable Bachelor. But with the stakes being so high, Nick will go on an emotionally charged journey to visit these final four women’s hometowns. Raven meets him in Hoxie, Arkansas, and cute couple have some great, sexy fun, but Raven’s father reveals some serious news. Then, it is on to Dallas where Rachel and Nick confront the challenges that might meet an interracial couple. Corinne is waiting in Miami where her father waits with some tough questions. Finally, Nick travels to Montreal to reunite with Vanessa. Although her special needs adult students give him a big thumbs up, things don’t go quite so well with her big Italian family, especially after her father drops a bomb about Nick that has Vanessa questioning their relationship. Just as Nick gets ready to make the gut-wrenching decision to send one woman home, he gets a surprise visitor, who could change everything.

Read on for spoilers on tonight’s show below.

Raven Gates’ Father Has Had Lung Cancer

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On Raven Gates’ hometown date, the couple go “mudding” and ride an ATV vehicle together. Things then get wet and steamy when the two play around in a swampy area together. The two roll around in the mud, kissing, and Nick Viall removes his shirt. Viall talks to the cameras about the amazing physical chemistry he shares with Gates and how her personality allows him to just have fun and be in the moment with her.

Previously, Gates has opened up to Nick Viall about her father’s health and that he had suffered from lung cancer. On tonight’s episode, ABC reports that her father has news to share, so viewers are wondering if the news will have to do with an illness.

Andi Dorfman Pays Nick Viall a Visit

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As Nick Viall becomes very anxious over making a decision about the remaining women, he is paid a visit by previous Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman. ABC reports:

The final four anxious women come to New York for the rose ceremony. As he contemplates his next decision, Nick is not beyond being very nervous himself. He has been in love twice before with Andi and Kaitlyn, only to have his heart broken both times. Will everything explode in his face again? The answer might come from a surprise visitor to Nick’s hotel, who could alter everything.

Reality Steve previously reported about Dorfman’s visit, stating that:

I was made aware that before the rose ceremony, which took place at the William Vale Hotel in New York, Andi Dorfman shows up to give Nick “advice.” But you can bet your sweet ass that when this episode airs, and they first start teasing a female “showing up” on this episode, they’re going to make the unspoiled viewer out there think that Andi is coming on because she wants Nick back or something ridiculous. Wasn’t the case. She just gave him “advice” as only a NY Times-best-selling-author-who-already-sold-Nick-out-in-her-book can.

Rachel Lindsay’s Mother Confronts Nick Viall About Interracial Issues

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When Viall hangs out with Rachel Lindsay, she takes him to a predominantly black church and hopes to see how comfortable he is in that environment. Lindsay says her church is very important to her and it’s how she grew up.

As for Lindsay’s mother, she asks Nick Viall about how he feels being involved in an interracial relationship.

And the Contestant Who Gets Eliminated Is …

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Many Bachelor fans will be happy to hear that this season’s villain Corinne Olympios is reported by Reality Steve to be the next person sent home.

When Nick Viall visits her for her hometown date, she decides to take him shopping since she “enjoys the finer things in life.” Olympios appears to know everyone at each store they go to and she pays thousands of dollars for their shopping trip together. Viall says that he’s never had such an expensive outfit and that he thought he had expensive taste until he met Olympios.