‘The Walking Dead’: Why Did Dwight Say *That* About the Doctor?

(AMC/The Walking Dead)

(AMC/The Walking Dead)

After watching Season 7 Episode 11 of The Walking Dead, one question is really bugging fans. Dwight said something about Dr. Carson to Negan that really didn’t make any sense. His motivations were unclear, and fans are wondering why he said what he did.

Here’s what you need to know. (This post contains spoilers through Season 7 Episode 11.) 

During “Hostiles and Calamities,” Dwight essentially framed Dr. Carson. He made Negan believe that the doctor played a role in Daryl’s disappearance and in his wife escaping. But the doctor had nothing to do with it. In fact, Dwight was already pretty much free of suspicion because he said he had killed his wife and she was eaten by walkers. Negan wasn’t acting like he suspected Dwight at all. It seemed like Dwight’s actions put himself at greater risk than if he hadn’t said anything at all.

There’s no clear cut reason why Dwight did what he did, but fans have some theories. One is that Dwight needed to get the suspicion off of him and onto someone else. By implicating Dr. Carson, he gave himself more freedom and a greater chance of escaping Negan’s wrath. Negan likely would need to punish someone for what happened, and this gave him someone to focus his anger on.

Also, like Eugene said, Dwight is not replaceable but the doctor is. (This is because there is another Dr. Carson at another location that Negan can use.) Since Eugene also isn’t replaceable, their lives are less likely to be risked. Negan will be more likely to take his wrath out on someone he can easily replace.

Still, it remains questionable just why Dwight isn’t replaceable. It’s obvious why Eugene can’t be replaced, but why can’t Dwight? Perhaps it’s because of Dwight’s memory problems. His wife wrote in a letter about how Dwight has a hard time remembering things. He likely suffers some type of early-onset dementia. If that’s the case, it may make him easier to mold into Negan’s image. It may be much easier for Dwight to forget who he is and “become Negan” than it is for other people.

Others think that Dwight is no longer loyal to Negan and his actions were more subversive in nature. Perhaps he had the doctor killed because he knew that Dr. Carson was a “true believer.” If Dwight wants to one day stage a coup, then he needs to get rid of anyone who really believes in Negan and would stand up for him.

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