Who Won ‘Top Chef’ Tonight? 3/2/2017

Brooke Williamson and Shirley Chung were the final two contestants on season 14 of Top Chef. So, who was the winner tonight? The winner is … Brooke.

On the finale, each of the two contestants had to prepare a 4-course progressive menu for the judges and a full dining room. Brooke’s overall theme was local ingredients, while Shirley’s was unconditional love and family. To help each of them accomplish their menus, the chefs were able to choose two cast-offs from the season to be on their teams. Brooke chose Sam and Sheldon, while Shirley picked Katsuji and Casey. Then, Brooke and Shirley were able to also have the help of people who they work with backhome.

The night before the big competition, Brooke and Shirley went out to dinner and were surprised by their loved ones. Brooke’s husband and son, along with Shirley’s husband, were waiting to eat with them.

Soon, the day had come. Below were the courses for each menu:

First Course
Brooke – Oyster with bacon vinaigrette, which was inspired by a dish she ate with her parents in Baja, where they live.
Shirley – Shirley put together a local snapper crudo with a chili oil vinegar.

Second Course
Brooke – Brooke made a charred octopus and orange annattoo sauce, which was well-received by the judges.
Shirley – For the second course, Shirley made a ramen noodle soup, which the judges felt fell a little flat.

Third Course
Brooke – After having to borrow pork belly from Shirley, Brooke made a nice play on pork and beans.
Shirley – In honor of her father, Shirley made a suckling pig shank as her third course.

Fourth Course
Brooke – Brooke made a rum and chamomile flan, but it had to cook longer than she planned, which created a lot of density.
Shirley – A rice pudding with tropical fruit was Shirley’s dessert, which she dedicated to her mother.

In the dining room tonight, were cast-offs and other chefs, along with family members of the contestants. They all joined the two finalists in receiving the news on who won as well.

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