Who Is Duane on ‘The Walking Dead’? (Morgan’s Speech)

(AMC/The Walking Dead)

At one point during tonight’s episode, “Bury Me Here,” Morgan talks about someone named Duane. Who is he talking about?

This post has spoilers through Season 7 Episode 13 of The Walking Dead. 

Duane is Morgan’s son. We haven’t seen him since Season 1, when Rick first met Morgan. Morgan’s wife had already died and was visiting their house as a zombie. Morgan was trying to keep Duane alive.

But ultimately, Morgan wasn’t able to keep his son alive. In the end, Duane’s death played a pivotal role in Morgan’s descent into madness. Here’s a photo of Duane:


(AMC/The Walking Dead)

Duane died when Morgan left him alone briefly and his wife-as-zombie Jenny showed up. Duane had a gun pointed at her but couldn’t shoot his mom. So she attacked Duane and turned him into a zombie. Rick found out about this in Season 3.

Morgan hasn’t said much about Duane recently, but when he was talking about Richard after he killed him, he accidentally referred to Richard as “Duane” tonight. Morgan had flashbacks earlier, and this spilled over into his speech to Ezekiel.