Why Isn’t ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ on Tonight?

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Unfortunately, HTGAWM fans are gonna have to wait to see where the story takes us. A release date has not yet been announced for Season 4, but based on patterns from previous seasons, it’s likely the show won’t be coming back until mid to late September. 

Last week, in the season finale, we learned that Laurel’s father is the man behind Wes’s death. He hired a family friend of Laurel’s, named Dominic, to carry out Wes’s death. Why? Well, we’re not too sure about that yet.

Other big takeaways from last week include learning that Wes is the one behind Sam and Rebecca’s deaths. That’s right– in a voicemail he left for Annalise, Wes admitted that he killed Sam and Rebecca. Another explosive reveal came when we learned that Wes was Charles’ son, making him Sylvia’s grandson.

Meanwhile, everything on the relationships front is actually going smoothly… for once. Last week, Asher told Michaela he loved her. It took her a good half hour of the episode to return the “I Love You”, but eventually, she did it. Oliver also proposed to Connor. He didn’t respond yet, but we’re hoping to hear wedding bells in a future season.

What do we know so far about Laurel’s father, the one behind Wes’s death? Not good things.  When Laurel was on the stand last week, she learned that the contract she signed for her dad weeks prior wasn’t what she thought it was– turns out, it was actually an affidavit claiming that she committed perjury as a teenager when she said she was kidnapped.

So, yes, we’ll have to wait a bit until we can find out how everything unfolds, but as always, the wait will be worth it.

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