Is Starbucks Open on Easter Sunday 2017?

Starbucks Open On Easter


Starbucks is open this year on Easter Sunday in participating locations. Click here to search for locations near you. Once your results pop up, their store hours for Easter will appear as well. That’s how you can see if your local Starbucks store is open or closed.

Now check out a couple of the special drinks available for Easter as well as the Spring season.

Toasted Coconut Cold Brew

When it comes to the new cold brews, the Starbucks website states that the company “steeps these beans, slow and cold, in small batches for 20 hours creating an irresistible, bold, super-smooth flavor.” This drink is flavored with toasted coconut and honey, as well as coconut milk.

Nariño 70 Cold Brew

According to Starbucks, these drinks are made in small batches and the beans are from Colombia’s Nariño region and from East Africa. The drink is 5 calories per 16 fl oz.

Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

The Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew is basically the Nariño 70 Cold Brew with a house-made vanilla sweet cream put on top. The smallest size, which is a 12 oz. Tall cup, is 100 calories.

Iced Cinnamon Almondmilk Macchiato

This Macchiato is inspired by the drink Horchata. Starbucks reports that the beverage is made with their bold Espresso Roast, creamy almondmilk and sweet cinnamon dolce syrup. It also has caramel and cinnamon dolce.

Coconutmilk Mocha Macchiato

This Macchiato drink is made up of Sumatran coconutmilk, white chocolate mocha, and Espresso roast. It also has a caramel drizzle and mocha.

Additional beverages offered from Starbucks include Honey Citrus Mint Tea, Iced Lightly Sweet Chai Latte, Passion Tango Tea, Cotton Candy Creme Frappuccino Blended Creme, Cupcake Creme Frappuccino Blended Creme, Almond Croissant, Butterfly Cookie, and Vermont Maple Walnut Muffin. Be sure to check with your local Starbucks to see which holiday flavors are available.

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