What Happened to Samurai Jack Season 5 Episode 4?

(Adult Swim/Samurai Jack)

If you recorded Samurai Jack Season 5 Episode 4, you may have noticed that a different show was playing instead: Rick and Morty. What happened? Did the show air at a different time? No. It turns out that in honor of April Fool’s, Adult Swim aired the season premiere of Rick and Morty season 3 instead of Samurai Jack‘s next episode. The episode you’ve been waiting for will air next week instead.

Some fans were pretty upset about the unexpected change, while Rick and Morty fans were celebrating. Here’s what some Samurai Jack fans had to say:

Here’s a trailer for Episode 4, airing next week:

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We’ve waited thirteen years for Samurai Jack. This was unfunny and very unprofessional. By premiering Rick and Morty instead of Samurai Jack, you have left a lot of fans angry and dissapointed.

Theta Sigma

This has honestly made me resent Rick and Morty a bit, I was hyped for its next episode but I was a billion times more hyped for Samurai Jack. The thing is, they could have pleased everyone if they just postponed the jack episode by an hour or so, but nope, we have to wait another week with no real warning. yay <_<

Doug Shiro

>resent Rick and Morty
Are you serious? I was annoyed by it too, but for goodness sakes. Just be mildly annoyed at the ones who made the decision, not the other show..lol

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