When Does ‘The Walking Dead’ Return for Season 8?

walking dead season 8

When does The Walking Dead return for Season 8? (AMC)

Tonight is the Season 7 finale of The Walking Dead. Fans were terrified about how the season would end and whether they would be left with a cliffhanger like last season’s finale. Considering the death count that this show tends to have, fans were really worried about whether any of their favorites would die. And fans that have really enjoyed seeing Negan were concerned that he might die too. But another concern at the top of everyone’s mind is this: just how long do we have to wait for the show to return? When does Season 8 of The Walking Dead premiere?

Here’s what we know so far.

The Walking Dead has been renewed for another season. In mid-October, AMC announced that The Walking Dead had been renewed for Season 8.

We’re not sure exactly when Season 8 will begin, but current rumors place The Walking Dead season 8 premiere date as being in mid-to-late October. The first eight episodes will likely air through late November/early December 2017, with the last eight picking back up around February 2018 through late March. (Note: A previous version of this article incorrectly said 2016 & 2017 instead of 2017 & 2018.) This would match up with previous season’s premiere dates. Here are the premiere dates for all the seasons of The Walking Dead: 

  • October 31, 2010 for Season 1
  • October 16 for Season 2
  • October 14 for Season 3
  • October 13 for Season 4
  • October 12 for Season 5
  • October 11 for Season 6
  • October 23 for Season 7

So it’s a pretty safe bet that we’ll see Season 8 back in mid-October, possibly late October like this season.

As for what will happen in Season 8, we can be assured that at least one of the fan’s favorite characters will likely die. This tends to be the way of life for The Walking Dead. It’s a post-apocalyptic world, and no one is safe.

If you need something to tie you over in the meantime, Fear the Walking Dead is coming back much sooner and we’ll be covering it here on Heavy. Fear the Walking Dead returns this June 2017.

Here’s a preview for the new season:




FTWD is way scarier than TWD due simply to Frank DIllane’s hair and how in every episode (much a-la Viola Davis having to snot-cry in every episode of HTGAWM) he chooses to smother himself in walker guts. Did I say scarier? I meant boring and worse.

While I had a problem with last season’s finale of TWD and didn’t come back for a while, I picked it back up mid-season because nothing new or better was on. Glad I did. The last few episodes were pretty frickin’ good, every character it seemed brought their A-Game and was top-notch (except for the leader of the trash people. Don’t get me started on that. Like, how is it the Apocalypse started a few years ago, and yet society has devolved so much that you forgot how to speak correctly??? Ugh. No way.), the death in the finale was heart-breaking and they did it well. All in all, so many years in, and TWD remains interesting and captivating, and presents us with characters we actually CARE about. No small feat. Now someone give FTWD some pointers on how to do it.


The article states Season 8 will air through November/December 2016 and the last episodes picking up in February of 2017. June 2017 if for Fear the Walking Dead. If you don’t understand someone else’s comment, you shouldn’t be so quick to correct them. It only makes you look foolish.

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