Luann de Lesseps’ Wedding: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Luann de Lesseps' Wedding, Luann de Lesseps and Tom D'Agostino Jr.


On December 31, 2016, Luann de Lesseps said “I do” to her beau Tom D’Agostino in an extravagant wedding ceremony. The nuptials were celebrated over a period of three days, and included everything from brunch by the pool to a glamorous party on a yacht. Luann has described the wedding as “one of the best days of my life,” and has enjoyed living the married life with her new husband.

Read on to learn more about Luann de Lesseups and Tom D’Agostino’s wedding.

1. There Were 250 Guests in Attendance

There were approximately 250 guests in attendance at the de Lesseps-D’Agostino wedding, and Bravo cameras were not invited to the event. In April, Luann told E! that she didn’t want to film the nuptials because she was worried she’d inherit the “Housewives curse.” She also acknowledged that Tom is a very private person, and a televised wedding didn’t seem like something he’d want.

Louann’s close friend, Dorinda Medley, introduced Luann and Tom to one another and was a bridesmaid at the wedding. Speaking to The Daily Dish two weeks before the big day, Medley said she always knew Tom and Luann were destined for each other. “He always was out, a man about town and I thought, ‘Oh my God, you sound just like Luann.’ They’re respectively the same people. They never want to stop. I could never date someone like Luann or Tom because I just don’t have that enthusiasm and energy all the time … They just have this vigor for life.”

When Marysol Patton, another Real Housewives of Miami star, spoke to The Daily Dish, she corroborated Medley’s sentiments, adding on, “[Luann is] so much happier. She’s just over the moon happy, smiling all the time [and] in the best mood… She just loves him so much and he just looks at her like God has descended from the heavens and he’s just in awe.”

2. They Had Their Rehearsal Dinner on a Boat

The couple’s wedding weekend kicked off on a yacht.

Luann tells People, “We decided to have our rehearsal dinner on a yacht because Tom is a big boater, he grew up boating… We both own boats, we’re both into boating, so we thought, ‘What a great place to do our rehearsal dinner!’”

The sunset cruise welcomed about 80 guests, and afterwards, the party continued at a nearby hotel. While giving People a detailed account of how the night would pan out, Luann said, “It’s going to be more of a crooner kind of evening… On the boat, I wanted to have like country rock music, relaxed, take off your shoes feeling, and after that I wanted it to be kind of a swooner, crooner evening with Sinatra kind of music. So it’s one big party on Friday.”

3. The Wedding Took Place in Palm Beach, Florida, on New Year’s Eve

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On the Friday night before the wedding, the yacht took off from Palm Beach Marina before returning for a grand evening at the Chesterfield Hotel’s Leopard Lounge, where guests were treated to a magic show and entertainment by a pianist and lounge singer. Real Housewives Dorinda Medley even sang a few tunes. The wedding itself was an outdoor ceremony at Brazilian Court. According to People, D’Agostino gave Luann’s children gifts over the weekend: a Tiffany key for Victoria, “to show that she has the key to their hearts and that they would always be there for her,” and a compass for Noel, “signaling that he could always find his way back to them as they would always be there for him.”

When all the fun was over, Tom and Luann set off for their honeymoon, which included trips to the Bahamas, the Grand Canyon, Palm Beach, and Bermuda.

Friends and family have said Luann has been on cloud 9 since the big day, and one source told E! online that she even “jumped up and down” during vows.

4. The Wedding Overlapped With D’Agostino’s Birthday

The day of the wedding also happened to be D’Agostino’s 50th birthday.

Speaking to People about planning the event, de Lesseps said, “My number one priority in planning is that the evening is going to be really fun, and everybody’s going to have a good time. And not only are we getting married, it’s Tom’s 50th birthday. And it’s New Year’s Eve. I want people to come and be a witness to a great wedding, a beautiful setting, a fun party, and the spectacularness of New Year’s Eve.”

5. Her Three Dresses Were Designed by Randi Rahm

Luann’s three wedding dresses were designed by Randi Rahm. In an exclusive interview with Martha Stewart Weddings, Rahm dished, “Luann requested that each dress be specific for each occasion; the wedding, Tom’s birthday, and the New Year.”

Luann says she trusted Randi, and had only a few simple requests. “I told Randi at the start that I wanted my wedding gown to be traditional but simple, very figure-flattering, sexy and with lace,” Luann explained. “I eloped for my first marriage so it meant a lot to me to be married the second time in a beautiful gown and that is what Randi designed.”

Luann’s first dress was worn at the ceremony and was a traditional gown with a plunging neckline and Chantilly lace overlay. The second was more glamorous– intended to celebrate the new year. It featured sparkly beads and an “illusion neckline”. According to Martha Stewart Weddings, Luann didn’t get a chance to wear her last dress because she was enjoying her party so much that she didn’t want to take time out of the night to change! Asked by the outlet which her favorite of the tree were,

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