Robert Miles Cause of Death: How Did ‘Children’ DJ Die?

The creator of one of the most memorable dance music hits of the 1990s passed away at the age of 47. Robert Miles’ death was first announced on May 10. Sky News reports that Miles, a native of Switzerland but Italian citizen, had been suffering from cancer.

In a statement to the BBC, Miles’ radio station, OpenLab says that the DJ died “after a courageous battle with stage four metastatic cancer.” That statement added, “Robert was more than just an artist, he was a pioneer, a creator, an inspiration, a son, a father, out friend. Throughout [his illness] he was strong, determined, incredibly brave and did everything he could to fight this horrendous disease.”

Fittingly, the dance music guru died on the island of Ibiza, mecca for the 1990s electronic dance music.

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Miles real name was Roberto Concina. His producer, Joe T Vannelli, told the Press Association, “Yes man, (it) is a tragedy.” On Facebook, Vannelli had been the first to confirm Miles’ passing saying:

The tragic news of the death of a very talented artist of our time, make me incredulous and upset. With him also it is a part of my life as an artist manufacturer. I will miss the fights, brawls, criticism, judgements but especially your talent in finding sounds and melodies unparalleled.

As recently as April 2017, Miles had been releasing tracks on his official Facebook page. Miles will forever be remembered for his 1995 hit “Children.” A Billboard feature on Miles from that year discussed how the song was inspired by two things. The child refugees in the former Yugoslavia and the high mortality rates of ravers getting into car accidents following gigs. The BBC described the song as ushering a short-lived trend of “Dream House” music, a more “melancholy” twist on traditional dance music.

The song achieved No. 1 status in 12 countries. It was the eighth highest selling single worldwide in 1996.

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