Who Won ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 29 Finale Tonight?

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The 29th season of The Amazing Race ended tonight with three teams – Broke Cahmi and Scott Flanary, Logan Bauer and London Kaye, and Tara Carr and Joey Covino – up for the $1 million prize in Chicago. And the winning team was… Brooke and Scott.

Brooke and Scott were in the lead after completing a race track challenge, leaving Logan and Landon, and Tara and Joey behind. After they reached a train station, the leaders had to solve a riddle to find out where their next step was. The teams scrambled to find someone at the train station to help them figure out which three Chicago landmark to head to next. They needed to collect three postcards to finish that challenge.

Next, they had to find the secret garden on top of Chicago City Hall to get another postcard. After getting the postcard there. The teams head over to Wrigley Field to feed hot dogs to a bunch of Cubs fans. Then, the Amazing Race team concocted a complicated set of tasks with the Wrigley scoreboard, where one member had to tell the other to place the number corresponding to where the team finished in each episode.

Then, they had to use their rankings to find a specific seat in the park that had the final postcard needed to win The Amazing Race! After getting the last card, Brooke and Scott needed to reach the finish line.

Tara and Joey came in second. Logan and London came in a distant third. Despite finishing so far behind, the two teams still had much to be happy for. They all started the season as strangers and ended up as friends.

The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan told TV Guide that each team had different strengths that could help them win the million.

“Kara and Joey are — on paper — probably the favorites in terms of life experience, their skills sets, and they seem pretty confident,” Keoghan says. “I would say that Brooke and Scott have had the biggest character arc in terms of the change in their dynamic from the beginning to the end.”

Of the third team, Keoghan added, “Logan is physically incredibly dominant — probably got the best physique of anybody that came on the race this season. Very strong. If anything, I think London is kind of the leader of the team. Together, they’re quite a force.”

“It’s everything cliché and wonderful that you could like about Chicago,” Keoghan told Us Weekly before the finale aired. “Think of architecture, food, sports, trains, streets and Chicagoans at their very best.”