Jordan Gielchinsky: Who Is Corinne Olympios’ Boyfriend?

Over the past couple of weeks, Bachelor In Paradise has suspended filming over allegations of sexual misconduct between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson. Olympios has come out publicly to say that she was the victim and the claims are that Olympios was too drunk to give consent to any sexual activity. Fellow cast members, however, have said that Olympios was lucid and fully capable. Contestant Jasmine Goode released the following statement, as reported by Radar Online, saying that:

The day of the incident under investigation, Corinne did not display any change in behavior from what was observed by the cast on her season of The Bachelor. Corinne forced herself on three male cast members, when they were unable to consent, in addition to engaging with DeMario. After the incident everything seemed fine. There was no mention about being hurt. However, when producers tried to cut her off from drinking, she got upset and said, ‘Watch, watch what I’m gonna do.’

Cast member Raven Gates also backed up Goode via Facebook, explaining:

My mom raised me to speak the truth even when I would be scrutinized or judged for it. But right is right and wrong is wrong. I stand 100% with my friend Jasmine Goode. As an eyewitness myself, a friend of Corinne’s, and as a woman I would have stepped in if she needed me … I am SICK to my stomach for the pain DeMario is going through. I love Corinne but she was VERY COHERENT that day. After this incident she proceeded to make out with 3 other men, straddling them, and jumping on them. I witnessed this myself. Along with her saying that her boyfriend was going to be mad at her.

So, could this all be because Olympios didn’t want to ruin her relationship back home with reported boyfriend Jordan Gielchinsky? Reality Steve reported that the producer who filed the claim about the alleged incident is a good friend of Olympios. But, while many have different takes on the situation, Olympios maintains that she does not remember the events that took place between DeMario Jackson and herself. A source told E! News:

Corinne alleges that she hasn’t seen the tape of the events and she doesn’t remember much of the events of the night because she was blacked out for the majority of it. But the last memory she has is taking a shot of tequila.

As for what Jackson has had to say, he insists that the footage of his encounter with Olympios will prove that there was no misconduct. He also told TMZ that he had no idea Olympios had a boyfriend.

So, why would Olympios go on Bachelor In Paradise if she had a boyfriend? Hollywood Life reports that the couple had an agreement prior to Olympios going on the show. TMZ also reports that:

Corinne and her BF, Jordan Gielchinsky, agreed she would NOT hook up with other cast members, and was only going to do the show to get pub for her new clothing line. Her plan was to be on for a couple episodes, and then bow out … We’re told Jordan was initially upset when he heard what went down, but once he got the full context of the event — meaning the heavy drinking — he backed Corinne. He agrees she was way too drunk to give consent, and strongly believes producers and medical staffers should have intervened.

Recently, Olympios and her man were spotted out for lunch together.

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