WATCH: Kevin Spacey In Tony Awards Opening Performance 2017

At tonight’s 2017 Tony Awards, host Kevin Spacey opened the show with a medley of musical performances about the Tonys and was even accompanied by back up dancers. At one point, Stephen Colbert appeared and sang with him, giving him advice on being a show host.

When dressing up in several costumes, Spacey got the nod of approval of stars from the audience, including Josh Groban.

Another celebrity then appeared on stage to help with the opening number in “Kevin Spacey’s Nightmare”. Whoopi Goldberg appeared, coming out of a closet, and she decided to give her own advice about hosting as well, followed by the Rockettes and singers dancing across the stage. Mimicking “Groundhog Dog,” Spacey laid in a bed and kept waking up over and over again, stressing over what to do as the Tonys host. Soon a video message from Billy Crystal was shown overhead. Crystal said that the right host can ad-lib, can be funny and he said that he, himself, is actually the right host for the show, unlike Spacey.

Next, Spacey dressed as Norma Desmond from “Sunset Boulevard,” doing a parody of the song “As If We Never Said Goodbye”.

And, to finish things off, Spacey donned a tuxedo, tap shoes, a cane and several back up tap dancers. The A-lister carried out a classic tap routine and engaged in high-kicks, singing and cane twirling.