Amber Portwood & Matt Baier Break Up During ‘Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars’

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Amber Portwood and Matt Baier have been on and off in their relationship over the course of the Teen Mom OG season and now the couple has engaged in Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars as a last ditch effort to save their relationship. But, it looks like the couple may be done for good. Over the weekend, Portwood posted several tweets about filming the show and Baier, writing:

I’m doing a show that I should have never agreed to do. I’ve been taken out of my element too many times. However I’ve learned a lot. I’ve literally let this house consume me and set my anger off more than I could ever imagine! I know my limits and I’m at the end!

Portwood also tweeted:

Take all my kids pics off your dumb social media and me and you while you’re at it … thanks have fun at whoever’s house you’re at … Been two days at @MattEPT is already posting videos on Instagram of him at someone’s house with 50 bottle of liquor everywhere … it’s on.

And, Radar Online reports that when Matt Baier tweeted a question out to fans about what they might be doing for 4th of July weekend, Portwood responded with a “long weekend of getting dumped.” Portwood also reportedly told Baier to lawyer up and says he owes her money that he allegedly took from their accounts.

In the past, Portwood has had major issues with fellow Teen Mom OG cast member Farrah Abraham, but recently, Abraham’s mother Debra Danielson tweeted out some well wishes for Portwood during this difficult time. See the tweet below.

Throughout this season of Teen Mom OG, we’ve seen Matt Baier talk badly about Portwood behind her back, especially when she told him she didn’t want to get married in Las Vegas because she wanted her daughter to be by her side. Portwood has had trust issues with Baier over the past few years, from cheating allegations to love child reveals. And, in recent episodes, Baier took a lie detector test and failed a question that asked him if he’s ever made sexual advances on anyone during the time that he’s dated Portwood. This enraged and devastated Portwood, who had been struggling in her relationship with Baier.

Do you think the couple is finally done?




Amber you’re strong just focus on your daughter and you’re self don’t let this drama get the best of you its hard but you got alot of support out there you don’t need a man to make you whole good luck neither way

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