Eric Bigger & Rachel Lindsay on ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 13

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Rachel Lindsay has narrowed down her men to three remaining contestants on season 13 of The Bachelorette and tonight, one of the three will be eliminated. Let’s focus on contestant Eric Bigger. But, before we get into the “Bigger” details, beware of major winner spoilers and finale details in this post. If you do NOT want to know Bigger’s fate on the show, STOP READING NOW.

Eric Bigger hails from Baltimore, Maryland and he comes from a humble family. Lindsay fit right in with his family during the hometown dates, though she was nervous to hear Bigger had never brought home a woman to meet his family. She also becomes nervous when she hears that Bigger has never been in love. On tonight’s episode, Bigger confesses his feelings to Lindsay and does say those three words – I love you. He also gets along well with Lindsay’s family, which is a plus. ABC reports that:

Eric immediately connects with Rachel’s family because of his humble history. But the fact that he has never been in love before leads them to question whether he is emotionally mature enough to see this relationship through to the end.

In the below clip, Bigger opens up to Lindsay and says he’s in love with her. He also says that she’s everything he wants in a wife.

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While Bigger is the contestant Reality Steve reports as going home tonight, this means that Peter Kraus and Bryan Abasolo are the remaining contenders. But, who is the winner? Previously, Reality Steve reported that Peter Kraus was the person who won, but he corrected himself after a few weeks and said that Abasolo is actually the winner.