‘Game of Thrones’: Casterly Rock Storyline Recap

HBO When Robb was planning his attack on Casterly Rock.

Last week, Daenerys talked about sending the Unsullied off to attack Casterly Rock and today they’re arriving. Here’s a quick look back on Casterly Rock and when it’s been mentioned in the show so far, to refresh your memory. We’ve never actually seen Casterly Rock on Game of Thrones before, even though it’s been mentioned frequently.

Casterly Rock is the stronghold of House Lannister, on the west coast of Westeros. It’s called Casterly Rock because it was originally held by House Casterly, who were tricked by an ancestor of House Lannister into giving it up, thousands of years ago.

Casterly Rock hasn’t been featured as much in the show because the Lannisters have been focused on King’s Landing ever since they gained control of the Iron Throne.

In Season 1, Tywin Lannister was at Casterly Rock for a time. Ned sent a raven to Tywin there when he learned that The Mountain was scouring the Riverlands, and he only followed Tywin’s orders. He told Tywin that he must come to King’s Landing and answer for Gregor Clegane’s crimes.

In Season 2, Theon tries to convince his father, Balon Greyjoy, that if the pledge fealty to Robb Stark, they’ll be given Casterly Rock after the war is over. This isn’t enough to convince Balon.

In Season 3, Tyrion asked Tywin to give him Casterly Rock, saying it was his by right since Jamie joined the Kingsguard. Tywin refused, saying that giving Casterly Rock to Tyrion would be a mockery to the family name. Also in Season 3, Robb considered attacking Casterly Rock, reasoning that by taking this from Tywin, the lords of Westeros would realize that Tywin wasn’t invincible. However, they would need the support of the Freys to take Casterly. (In the end, as we all know, this was not a good idea.)

Here’s Robb talking about his plan to attack Casterly Rock:

Although this attack ultimately didn’t happen, it looks like Dany is now following in his footsteps with her own plan to take Casterly Rock from the Lannisters. Hopefully this plan will turn out better for her than it did for Robb.

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