Jon Snow & Daenerys Meet: Best Memes & Reactions from Game of Thrones


Tonight, Jon Snow and Daenerys finally met. Fans have been waiting for this for a long time: the meeting of ice and fire. We’ve had all sorts of theories and predictions for what would happen when they finally met each other, and fans were not disappointed. Here are all the best memes, tweets, and reactions from tonight’s episode.

Even before the show aired, fans couldn’t contain their excitement.

They’re the “one true pair,” fans said:

Other fans just want Jon and Snow in the entire episode, not any Littlefinger and Sansa fillers:

The show started right off with Jon Snow landing at Dragonstone:

As Jon approached the castle, he had a close encounter with a dragon. Then Daenerys was waiting on the throne as he walked in.

Then there was the great moment when Dany’s name was shared vs. Jon’s:

And when Jon wouldn’t bend the knee, Dany asked his forgiveness for the sins of her father, the Mad King. She asked him to bend the knee in honor of the pledge his house had made before.

Jon said he wasn’t beholden to his ancestor’s vows, just as she wasn’t guilty for her father’s sins.

Jon wasn’t afraid to stand up to Dany. Even Tyrion had to say he was calling everyone children. Jon told it like it was. “I’m not the enemy. The dead are the enemy.”

And when will this truth come out?

Then Dany told him that she was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms. And Jon said she would be ruling over a graveyard if they ignore the army of the dead. Two equally strong personalities, meeting in fire and ice.

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