‘Rick and Morty’ Season 3 Episode 2: Best Memes and Reactions

Wubba lubba dub dub — Rick and Morty is back and there’s no reason to feel great pain about that. Fans are so excited about the latest episode that they can’t quit tweeting and sharing memes about the show. Join us in a debrief by reading some of the best memes, tweets, and reactions to Season 3 Episode 2, Rickmancing the Stone.

Rick’s darkness really appeals to fans:

Fans had pretty high expectations, even before the show started. And they weren’t disappointed.

Most fans loved the show… but they’d really like some Szechuan sauce:

And some fans needed to point out that they were more excited about Rick and Morty than Game of Thrones:

The Mad Max styled episode was a real hit:

But Jerry really had it rough this episode. Nobody likes him. To some, this is making him more endearing:

But not everyone thinks things are going to turn out OK for him:

Oh, and Morty was so badass this episode, he turned out like this:

Once it’s over, though, fans were pretty sad. At least we can bury ourselves in analysis and theories:

There would be one solution to that problem, if you only had it:

And most fans were really happy about what they got:

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