Top 10 Best English Dubbed Anime You Need to Watch

Cowboy Bebop

When looking for a new anime to watch, viewers will typically end up with a show or film that is dubbed in Japanese with English subtitles. However, occasionally people will want to watch an anime that is dubbed in English, meaning all of the voice work that was originally in Japanese has been replaced with English. While this can cause some translation errors, typically English dubbed anime is entertaining to watch, especially if they are set in more western locations.

For this list, we decided to focus not only on the quality of the English dub, but the anime itself. Remember, there aren’t nearly as many English dubs as there are Japanese, so don’t expect some of the more niche shows to make an appearance. If you are looking for a new show to binge watch on Crunchyroll or Netflix, here are the 10 best anime shows with English dubs:

(Author’s Note: This list is in no particular order.)

1. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Set in an alternate future, the empire of Britannia has taken over the majority of the world and Japan has been wiped of its culture and name. Now referred to as Area 11, a small group of Japanese rebels fight back with powerful mechanized war machines known as Knightmares. After years of subjugation, a young British student named Lelouch sides with the Japanese rebels after acquiring a powerful mind controlling ability called Geass. While it’s clear Lelouch has his own score to settle, it’s up to him and his group of rebels to shift the balance of power to liberate Japan.

2. Tokyo Ghoul

Looking for something a bit more gruesome? Tokyo Ghoul is set in Japan during a time where undead, sentient monsters known as ghouls walk the streets. After a young man named Kaneki is turned into a ghoul his world is flipped upside down as he struggles to survive day by day. Not only does Kaneki have to survive by feeding on humans, but he has to contend with the various different ghoul factions and government appointed monster hunters. Tokyo Ghoul questions what it means to be a monster and if those that are hunting them can be just as deranged.

3. Attack on Titan

Perhaps the most popular anime in the modern age, Attack on Titan manages to blend a great mix of action and horror. In this world, humanity has been pushed to the brink of extinction by a giant humanoid race known only as Titans. Driven by a need to feed on human flesh, the best hope for survival are massive walled cities that were designed to be impenetrable. Yet, on one fateful day, a young boy named Eren watches as his home and world is destroyed by the Titans, sparking a fire in him to slay every one of these giants until they are gone for good.

4. Death Note

Considered by many to be one of the best anime of all time, Death Note follows a high school honors student named Light who comes in possession of a magic notebook that kills anyone whose name is written in it. Driven by a sense of righteous justice, Light decides to try and rebuild the world by murdering every person he deems unworthy. This attracts the attention of not only the world, but a mysterious detective named L who spearheads a task force dedicated to finding the person responsible for all the killings. Full of twists, turns, and backstabs, Death Note is for those looking for a dark, thrilling tale. Plus, there’s a live action Netflix adaptation coming out so there’s no better time to jump into this world.

5. Hellsing Ultimate

Set in a world where vampires exist, Hellsing Ultimate’s story follows one of the most powerful vampires to ever exist, Alucard. However, instead of fighting for his own kind, Alucard works for the monster slaying  Hellsing family. Tasked with protecting England, this organization wage a bloody war with a re-emerged vampire army called Millennium. Led by a Nazi known only as The Major, this group aims to engulf the world in violent, unending war. Despite this threat, Alucard must also contend with the powerful Catholic army, the Iscariot Organization who see the Hellsing family as a direct threat.

6. Fairy Tail

This fantasy anime revolves around a young wizard known as Lucy who finds herself cursed by a magical charm. Lucy is eventually captured and sent to a black market to be sold, she is rescued by the infamous Fairy Tale guild. When offered a spot in their organization, Lucy willingly joins and assists the various members with dangerous missions scattered all across this fantasy land. An exceptionally over the top anime, Fairy Tale is full of colorful characters, great action, and some truly hilarious moments.

7. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is one of the best anime of all time, thanks to the great voice work, unique characters, gorgeous setting, and fantastic musical score. Following the story of intergalactic bounty hunters Spike and Jet, Cowboy Bebop showcases their journies as they search for high-value targets. Along the way, they pick up a con-woman known as Faye Valentine and the gifted hacker named Edward. Dripping with style, Cowboy Bebop sports some of the best voice work and characters around. If you are looking to get into anime, this is one of the best shows to start with.

8. Dragon Ball Z

There are a lot of different series set in the Dragon Ball universe, but the most influential and recognizable is Dragon Ball Z. This action focused anime follows an otherworldly hero known as Goku who lands on Earth when he is an infant. Originally sent to destroy Earth, Goku accidentally hits his head and completely forgets what his mission is. Years later, Goku now protects Earth from a variety of different aliens that seek to cause nothing more than utter destruction. Producing some of the best and longest fight scenes in the medium, Dragon Ball Z is a master class on how to showcase action. Backed by a great voice cast, this is an essential anime that everyone should watch at least once.

9. Baccano!

The least known title on our list, Baccano! is set in America during the prohibition era and focuses on several different types of gangsters. Where Baccano! really stands out is how it plays with our sense of time, as the story shifts across various different decades, perspectives, and moments within a single scene. While there is a supernatural twist, the real star of Baccano! is the different characters who range from an immortal young gangster, a psychotic killer, a young couple who rob the mafia, and a nervous wreck of a mobster. Since Baccano! is set in 1930s America, this allows the English voice work to not feel out of place in the context of the story. Full of thick New York accents, Baccano! leans into the mobster stereotypes with great success.

10. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

If you are only going to pick one English dubbed anime to watch make sure it’s Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Set in a world where the laws of physics are bent by powerful scientists called alchemists, Brotherhood follows Ed and Alphonse who are in search of a way to repair their bodies after losing pieces of themselves when they tried to bring back their dead mother. While their main goal is fixing their bodies, the brothers must also face off against an unknown foe that seeks to rip their very world apart. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is an exceptionally well-made anime that delivers everything from gorgeous fight scenes to heart-wrenching moments. Make sure to not pass up this exceptional anime, especially the English dubbed version of the show.