Who Died on ‘Game of Thrones’ Tonight? [SPOILERS]


Not sure you can bear the sight of one of your favorite characters dying during tonight’s episode? Anything is possible in the world of Westeros. After last week’s ending, when Euron took Ellaria and Yara captive, it seems likely that we’re going to see some deaths tonight. Here’s a look at who died during tonight’s premiere. We’ll be updating this post live as the show airs.

This post has spoilers through the premiere and will be updated live.

The first person to die tonight was Ellaria’s daughter, Tyene, in an absolutely brutal scene. After Euron delivered them and Yara to Cersei, Cersei had Ellaria and her daughter locked up in the same cell. She then kissed Ellaria’s daughter using the same poison that Ellaria used to kill Cersei’s daughter.

Next, she told Ellaria that she was going to leave her there to watch her daughter’s body rot, and she was going to keep the torches lit so she didn’t miss a thing.

The scene was incredibly dark.

Later in the episode, many people died invading Casterly Rock, both on the Lannister side and the Unsullied side.  Grey Worm survived the battle, walking over scores of people. But then he commented that there should be many more people, many more Lannisters defending Casterly Rock.

But where was the Lannister army, led by Jamie? Instead of defending Casterly Rock, they went to take Highgarden instead. Jamie later met with Olenna and said that it was done. “Your brother and his new queen thought you would be defending Casterly Rock,” she commented, but instead they took Highgarden. For now, they gave up Casterly Rock.

Jamie admitted that he was in love with Cersei and his love was beyond his control. Olenna warned him that Cersei was a disease. Jamie told her that Cersei had several ideas for how to kill Olenna, but he talked her out of it. Instead, he poured poison into her drink.

“Will there be pain?”

No, Jamie said. And Olenna quickly drank the poison. Then she told Jamie, before she died, that she was the one who poisoned Joffrey. Olenna would die, but in a remarkable way, having the last word.

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