‘America’s Got Talent’ 2017 Live Results Week 3 – Who Made It Through Tonight?

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Last night began the third week of the live shows for season 12 of America’s Got Talent, with 12 more acts performing in the third round of live shows for the quarterfinals of the competition. The contestants who performed were:

Angelina Green
Chase Goehring
Colin Cloud
DaNell Daymon & Greater Works
Final Draft
Junior and Emily
Kechi Okwuchi
Mike Yung
Oscar Hernandez
Oskar and Gaspar
Sara and Hero

Tonight, only 7 acts will make it through and we will be updating this post live with the results. Based on viewers’ votes, five acts will automatically go through tonight. Then, one more act will be voted through via real-time voting this evening, followed by a judges’ pick.

To start off the episode, the show recapped last night’s episode and also revealed some behind-the-scenes footage. Then, the acts who came in 6th, 7th and 8th were revealed to be Angelina Green, Colin Cloud and DaNell Daymon & Greater Works. This meant that these three acts are all eligible for the Dunkin Save. To vote for the act you’d like to keep in the competition, click here for instructions. One out of these three acts will be saved by America tonight and another will be saved by the judges.

Diavolo and Oskar and Gaspar were up for the first round of results, but only one of them was put through to the semi-finals and that was Diavolo. Up next was Final Draft and Kechi Okwuchi, but it was Okwuchi who was the one America saved.

For a brief moment on tonight’s show, Jon Dorenbos, a magician from last season who is also an NFL star, appeared outside the studio to perform a trick for fans, providing entertainment for viewers at home. And, after a commercial break, magician Mat Franco, from a previous season on the show, gave a performance, which featured host Tyra Banks as a participant. Franco had multiple beverages all come out of just one milk carton, from beer to orange juice.

Now, back to the results. It was Chase Goehring and Mike Yung who were up next. Would one of them make it through? Neither? Both? Yes, both of them made it through to the semi-finals. Oscar Hernandez, Sara and Hero, and Junior with Emily were the final three acts remaining on stage. And, the act that was saved by America was … Sara and Hero.

Before getting into the Dunkin Save results, judge Heidi Klum took the stage to help a returning Piff the Magic Dragon with his magic. Piff is currently touring the country and also has a residency in Las Vegas.

Okay, let’s get into the Dunkin’ Save results … And, the act who was saved by America was Colin Cloud. This meant that the judges had to choose between Angelica Green and the gospel choir DaNell Daymon & Greater Works.

And the act going through is the gospel choir DaNell Daymon & Greater Works.



Lola Pop

Angelina had a bad night last night, but that choir had a worse one. So disappointed!

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