WATCH: Britney Spears’ Security Tackles Man Who Got on Stage

During her show in Las Vegas on Wednesday night, Britney Spears was approached by security after a man rushed on stage during her performance. According to TMZ, the unidentified man was tackled by security and a group of Spears’ backup dancers before additional members of Spears’ security team approached the singer and escorted her off the stage to ensure her safety.

It didn’t appear as though Spears saw the man, who crept up behind some of her dancers. She kept on performing, not actually realizing what was going on behind her. It wasn’t until she turned around that she noticed something was going on. A couple of men in suits were standing behind her and she grabbed her mouthpiece and asked, “what’s going on?” Spears’ security team stood around her as additional members of security and some of Spears’ dancers kept the man contained. According to TMZ, he tried to kick or knee at least one person.

In the video below, taken by a fan at the show, you can hear Spears ask her security guards about the man having a gun, though it is unclear if the man did have a weapon of any kind.

The man was removed from the stage as fans looked on. The man was “subdued and ejected” but it’s unclear if he was arrested.

The scary ordeal may have shaken up the “Till the World Ends” singer, but it is believed that she came back out and finished the show. This is the last year of Spears’ long-standing residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. She has shows scheduled through the end of the year. Fans are hoping to see Spears on a world tour in 2018, but no such announcement has been made just yet.

Spears released her most recent studio album Glory in August 2016. The 17-track album was wildly loved by fans all over the world.