Lisa Boothe: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Fox News Fox News commentator Lisa Boothe.

Lisa Boothe will fill in for Eric Bolling on Fox News Specialists today. Over the weekend, Bolling was suspended from the network after 14 sources told The Huffington Post that he sent an unsolicited photo of male genitalia to at least two colleagues.

Bolling normally hosts Fox News Specialists, but throughout this coming week, several people will fill in for him, with Boothe being the first one, according to Mediaite. It’s unclear what Bolling’s future at Fox News will be and whether he will return, but for what it’s worth, Bolling’s name was recently removed from the official Twitter account of Fox News Specialists

Ahead of today’s episode of Fox News Specialists, here’s a look at the person who will be serving as Bolling’s first replacement, Lisa Boothe.

1. She Has Worked on Political Campaigns

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Outside of political commentary, Lisa Boothe has experience working on actual political campaigns. According to her LinkedIn page, Boothe in 2012 served as the communications director for Sandy Adams, a Republican representative from Florida. Boothe spent two years working under Adams, from January 2011 through January 2013. Boothe was a part of Adams’ re-election campaign, but Adams was ultimately defeated in November 2012.

Boothe also worked on the Senate campaign of former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson, who ultimately lost the race to Tammy Baldwin. Later, Boothe was hired as communications director for Congressman Mark Meadows, and after three months with him, she went to work for Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito.

Starting in 2013, Boothe served as the senior director of Black Rock Group, a communications and public affairs firm, where she led communications efforts of Super PACs and consulted the Senate race of Dan Sullivan.

In August 2015, Boothe began working as the vice president of political polling and public affairs research at WPA Research; here she led polling efforts for politicians across the country. Then, in January 2016, she founded High Noon Strategies, a political communications and public affairs firm where she continues to serve as the president.

2. She is a Conservative Who Has Contributed to Fox News & The Washington Examiner

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Lisa Boothe has been expressing her conservative views via op-eds in The Washington Examiner since March 2016. She joined Fox News as a contributor in October 2016.

Since then, Boothe has been a frequent guest on a variety of Fox shows, and she has also appeared as a panelist on The Five. Monday will not be her first time filling in on Fox News Specialists. In May, she filled in for regular host Eboni Williams, and in June, she filled in for regular host Katherine Timpf.

The dynamic of Fox News Specialists is that Katherine Timpf and Eric Bolling are both conservative while Eboni Williams is more liberal. Lisa Boothe certainly considers herself to be a conservative, and in a column for The Washington Examiner in April, she encouraged her fellow conservatives to fight back against the left.

“The body count is piling up and it is time to fight back,” she wrote. “We have seen the Left stop at nothing to systematically destroy the lives of the people they disagree with. They will propagate falsehoods, demagogue and even resort to violence to shut down conservative voices — all the while getting cover from the media. And while the Right should never engage in the violent tactics of the Left, they should also never allow their voices to be stifled.”

3. She Defended Donald Trump Jr. For His Trump Tower Meeting

As questions have arisen about potential collusion between the Donald Trump presidential campaign and Russia during the 2016 election, Lisa Boothe has generally defended the president and has criticized the news media.

Recently, when it was revealed that Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer with connections to the Kremlin after being promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton, Boothe said that anyone would have taken that meeting.

In a column titled “Spare me your Donald Jr. indignation,” she wrote, “Politics is war. The objective is to win and take down the opponent. In an industry that does not operate in the black and white, it is often the grey territory in which campaigns work to achieve their goal. In the middle of this fast-paced environment, the reality is that most people would have taken the meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian attorney whose meeting with Donald Trump Jr. and other senior Trump campaign staff has set Washington on edge.”

This was essentially President Donald Trump’s own defense of his son’s meeting: that anyone would have taken it because politics is a dirty business.


4. She Frequently Criticizes the Media, Which She Says is ‘Largely Partisan’

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One frequent topic of Boothe’s is the news media and her belief that journalists have a liberal bias. She made this point back in May while specifically talking about the Russia investigation.

“Despite any evidence of collusion or an actual crime that has taken place, publications and networks have drawn comparisons to President Richard Nixon and Watergate,” she wrote. “They have wildly and recklessly speculated about impeachment and obstruction of justice.”

In an appearance on Fox News a few weeks ago, Boothe said that when the media obsesses over the Russia investigation, Vladimir Putin wins.

“You know who wins in all this? Vladimir Putin,” she said. “And he is probably riding shirtless on a horse off into the sunset chugging vodka as America descends into chaos. And you know who loses? It’s the American people who voted for change, and now the administration is being hamstrung by this.”

In another appearance on Fox News shortly after the inaugurationBoothe said that the media is largely partisan.

“I think President Trump has actually exposed the media as largely partisan, or at least a good portion of the media,” she said, going on to argue that the majority of America is much further to the right than the media is.

5. She Said Hillary Clinton Would Sell Her Daughter to Become President, Prompting Chelsea Clinton to Respond

Lisa Boothe made some headlines a few weeks ago when she said that Hillary Clinton would sell her daughter if it meant she could become president.

Booth on Fox News described Hillary Clinton as “the most soulless woman on this planet, who would literally sell her daughter to be president.”

This comment probably wouldn’t have earned so much attention if it weren’t for the fact that Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton, responded to it on Twitter, saying that she’s never doubted that she is the most important part of her mother’s life.

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