Reddit User Gryff42 Enjoying Internet Fame Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel

Reddit on Kimmel

Getty Reddit founder, Alexis Ohanian

A Reddit user is enjoying a bit of internet fame after Jimmy Kimmel showed his profile on Tuesday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Kimmel sat down for an interview with Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian and decided to scroll through the site while on air. One “lucky” Reddit user, gryff42, had his account pulled up thanks to an up-voted post that made it to the site’s front page — which is kind of a big deal.

The post was a photo of a dog that looked like actor William H. Macy. This caught Kimmel’s attention, and he opened the link, showing the watching world the photo. Of course, Kimmel agreed that the dog does indeed look like Macy. Check it out below.

Along with that photo, the guy’s Reddit username was shown — and now he has more internet fame than he probably ever imagine. In fact, he currently has the top post on the social news aggregation site with a brand new post uploaded to the site’s “Today I F*cked Up” (TIFU) column.

“It all started when I posted a comparison picture of a dog which looks like the actor William H. Macy. I couldn’t stop laughin over it but I never thought it would gain so much attention. However it ended up on the front page with much more upvotes I could have imagined. This alone was crazy for me because I never expected to have a submission on the front page. When I checked my phone the next morning my reddit inbox exploded over the sheer amount of youtube links I received. I checked them and found my submission on the latest Jimmy Kimmel Show with Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian. I was mind blown over this,” gryff42 posted this morning.

He went on to say that Kimmel made it seem like he had “filthy stuff” on his account and that he’s been getting “crazy messages” as a result.

“They proceeded talking over reddit users and Jimmy ended up checking my history. Well I hardly ever post filthy stuff but I commented on a NSFW TIFU a few days ago and I think Jimmy thought it was my submission at the short glance he took. Keep in mind they even named and showed my username – he made it look like there was a lot of filthy stuff going on in my history so this was quite embarrassing for me and Im getting a lot of crazy messages now,” gryff42 wrote.

The post has been upvoted over 22,000 times and was just chosen as “F*ck Up of the Year.”

Check out Kimmel’s interview with Ohanian in the video below.