Shawn Mendes Ex-Girlfriends List: Meet His past Girlfriends

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Getty Singer/songwriter Shawn Mendes performs at Prudential Center on August 17, 2017 in Newark, New Jersey. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

If you’re a fan of Shawn Mendes, chances are you’ve at least spent some time wondering whether or not he’s single. And, you know, what it would take to score a date with him.

To date, Mendes hasn’t had any public relationship, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been linked to a fair few women.

One of those ladies is the very famous Camila Cabello. For months, people assumed the two were romantically linked. Those rumors multiplied in the summer of 2015, when Camila and Shawn went on tour together.

Eventually, Mendes came out denying the rumors, saying that they never dated and were just friends.

At the time, Mendes told People, “We’re just really close friends… She is one of those people who is just very easy to connect with and still, to this day, is one of my greatest friends. You find that instant connection with people, and she’s one of them. She’s a f—ing great writer. Even if we just wrote for other people, I would be happy to do that because she’s such a thrill to write with and work with.” So, the bottom line when it comes to Mendes and Cabello is that they’re friends, but there aren’t any sparks.

And then there’s Chloe Grace Moretz. OK– we’ll come straight out and say it: Chloe and Shawn never dated. But they did exchange a number of flirty text messages on Twitter that led people to think there may be something there.

Late last year, Shawn posted a hot pic of himself from a photo shoot. Chloe responded to the picture with a GIF of herself biting her thumb and laughing. Shawn then responded: “Hahahahahahaha genius use of gifs x”. Chloe kept things going by writing, “I guess the creativity hits when I can’t sleep from jet lag.”

In his most recent music video, Shawn held hands and got romantic with British actress Ellie Bamber (the song is about a couple in love, so that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.) Bamber played Lydia Bennet in Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, and is a singer as well. But while she and Shawn were romantic in the video, that was all just acting– they’re not really together.

Bottom line? All signs point towards Shawn being single and based on his public appearances, it seems he may not have even had a recent serious relationship. This makes total sense considering he’s extremely busy, on his third concert tour. The tour started off in Glasgow on April 27, 2017, and is set to finish in Tokyo on December 18, 2017. For information on how to get tickets, click here.

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