Tamra Judge Reveals Melanoma Skin Cancer

Just yesterday, Tamra Judge posted a photo of herself on Instagram, which showed a dark freckle on her bottom. With the photo, Judge made the announcement that she is dealing with skin cancer and she warned others to get any freckles or moles on your body checked. Her caption reads:

I work out hard for this Booty. I was planning on competing again in November at 50 years old, but I’m not sure that’s happening now. It looks like God has a different plan for me. I’m showing you this picture because this is what melanoma looks like. I don’t want sympathy, I want you to save YOUR ASS and get your skin checked. This was just a small black flat freckle … I had no idea! I’ll be fine because my faith is strong and my Ass ain’t bad either … I’ve been a little sad, worried and pissed off. But we caught it early and that makes me happy.

On E! Network’s Daily Pop, Judge’s melanoma announcement was under fire, with the hosts of the show discussing whether or not they thought Judge’s reveal was in good taste. Have a look at the segment in the below video.

After seeing the video, Judge was not keeping quiet, standing up for herself via Instagram and again posting the photo that put her in the hot seat. Judge wrote the following message, even calling out Daily Pop host Cat Sadler:

I’m always pissing someone off. TRUTH is I got you talking and spreading awareness @iamcattsadler I hope you will approve of my hospital pic … coming soon … Ok so some people might not have been bothered about this and I don’t want to clog this up with negativity but I am absolutely DISGUSTED by the comments made by these 3 people on the Daily Pop show. I felt so uncomfortable watching this because it felt like they were being insensitive and making light of something that shouldn’t be made light of. There’s having an opinion and then there’s just being plain rude. The sarcastic comments, trying to wrap a compliment in a negative, the contradictions. The whole thing is just gross.

This is not Judge’s first brush with skin cancer, as People reports the reality star previously dealt with basil cell skin cancer and one squamous cell skin cancer. See a photo of Judge after she had the cancer removed from her arm in the below Instagram pic.

Judge said she was planning a beach vacation for her 50th birthday on September 2, 2017, but now she’s reconsidering it.

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Well that’s good. Early but big diff between melanoma and other types of skin cancer. Melanoma deadly. Others.. not so much

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