WATCH: Taylor Swift Posts Mysterious Video on Twitter

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Taylor Swift is continuing to throw her listeners into a frenzy. Days after she went ghost and purged all of her social media accounts,including Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, Swift has returned with a thoroughly bizarre video post.

At , Swift posted a mystery video on her Twitter of what appears to be a snake-like object – potentially a reference to a popular internet meme in which the “Shake It Off” is referred to as the snake emoji. The video only runs 10 seconds, and can be watched below.

Since being posted, the video has already amassed 12K likes and 30K retweets. As to be expected, the tweet caused a meltdown for fans, many of whom responded with some impassioned (and pretty hilarious) tweets.

One user even theorized that the video was a metaphor for what Swift has in store artistically, writing: “IT’S A SNAKE SHE’S CHANGING LIKE SNAKES CHANGE THEIR SKIN. Y’ALL BETTER BE READY THE QUEEN IS COMING!”

In addition to the snake video, The Telegraph reports that Swift has registered a title for her new single on a music publishing site. Said to be titled “Timeless”, the report has also been confirmed by Genius, who’s even created their own page in anticipation. Check it out below.

The Telegraph also reports that the site has been officially registered as well, and is typed in, it will take you to a homepage that says the words “Timeless” and “Coming Soon” in white font. Could this be where she debuts the lead single from her forthcoming album?

This is huge news for Swift fans (i.e. “Swifties”), as the singer has been notably out of the limelight for the past year. With the exception of a few public appearances and her discovered relationship with actor Joe Alwyn, Swift has made it to play the recluse– or as some fans believe, record new material for her upcoming album.

There is also a theory going around that Swift’s album will have something to do with the eclipse today, which has gained even more traction with her mysterious video post. Whether it’s simply a coincidence or a brilliant marketing move, it seems inarguable that Swift has something in store, and it’s arriving sooner than later.

Learn more about the “Eclipse theory” below.