Yung Mazi Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Is it true? Is the Atlanta Rapper Yung Mazi dead? Yes, according to 11Alive News in Mazi’s hometown of Atlanta. The rapper was shot and killed on the evening of August 6, 2017 outside a pizza restaurant, reported the television station.

It was hard to believe at first because Mazi had been shot in the past numerous times, including in the head, and lived to tell about it. He’d developed a legend of sorts for repeatedly escaping death. “God made me bulletproof,” Yung Mazi tweeted after he survived a shooting at a Waffle House in 2016.

However, he didn’t escape death on Sunday, August 6. The suspect has not yet been identified, a police commander said in a brief press conference at the scene. He did release a vague description, which you can read below.

Yung Mazi’s family requested privacy. Yung Mazi’s brother, Luqman Abdur-Rahman, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “We’re praying for him and all involved. Our privacy is at a premium” and declined further comment.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Yung Mazi Was Shot Multiple Times in Atlanta in Front of a Pizza Restaurant Named Urban Pie

According to 11AliveNews, Yung Mazi, whose real name was Jibril Abdur-Rahman and who was “part of Kevin Gates’ BWA crew,” was shot to death the evening of August 6, 2017 outside a pizza place and not far from a police district station.

The television station reported, “Sources have confirmed with 11Alive that local Atlanta rapper, Yung Mazi, was shot to death Sunday night in Atlanta’s Kirkwood community.” Mazi was shot “multiple times in front of a pizza business called Urban Pie,” 11Alivenews reported, adding that police said the victim appeared to have been “targeted.”

Others also reported that the victim was Yung Mazi.

11AliveNews added, “Police responded to the shooting, near the intersection of Oakview Road and Hosea L. Williams Drive, around 8:55 p.m., where they found the victim had sustained multiple gunshot wounds.” Fox5 reported that the victim was outside his vehicle when he was shot and may have been leaving the pizza restaurant at the time.

There was a report of between 10 to 25 gunshots ringing out, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

2. Video & Photos Showed a Mercedes at the Scene & Only a General Suspect Description Was Given

Local media and others posted photos and videos on Twitter and Instagram showing a shot-up Mercedes. “It has been reported that Rapper (#KevinGates affiliate) #YungMazi was a fatal victim in an #Atlanta shooting tonight. The police have not verified the victim(s) in the shooting but close friends and family confirm his passing . Let’s keep his family in our prayers ?? #RestInPeace,” The Shade Room Instagram post with the above video read.

Fox5 photojournalist Jim Zorn wrote on Twitter, “Medical Examiner is on scene in Kirkwood. The Mercedes Benz is shot…the windshield and there are lots of shell casings.”

The identification came late in the evening and only through sources; even after 8 p.m. there was no confirmation of the victim’s identity, Zorn reported. A crowd was gathering at the scene, he said.

Watch lengthy TV coverage from the crime scene here:

Police said in a brief press conference from the scene that, a few minutes before 9 p.m. on August 6, 2017, personnel in a precinct heard gunshots, and so they rushed to the scene. They observed “a male who had been shot multiple times” near a pizza business. They tried to render aid, but he was deceased at the scene, police said.

The suspect was described by a police commander at the scene as a black male, no height or weight given, wearing a white T shirt and with dreads pulled back. At this point in the investigation, “we believe the victim was targeted. We have very little to go on at this point in time,” the commander said. The suspect was spotted running westbound from the scene.

3. Yung Mazi Had Recently Posted About Death on Instagram

A day ago, Yung Mazi posted the above photo on Instagram and eerily wrote, “yungmazibwa@bmgsunny @omarbwa @doit4mucho real brothers ❤️❤️❤️ ready to die bout all of em don’t play wit what I love.”

A day ago, he also posted this:

According to Dance Hall Hip Hop, “Yung Mazi is signed to Kevin Gates label and has in the past worked with the Baton Rouge rapper. He also previously worked with local Atlanta rappers like Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan.”

4. It’s Not the First Time That Yung Mazi Was Shot

Yung Mazi Reflects On Being Shot In The Head, Recovery Process and Complications* Parental Advisory: Explicit Content * Atlanta rapper and BWA member, Yung Mazi, sits down with DJ Smallz and reflects on being shot in the head, its recovery process along with advice for a speedy recovery and complications stemming from the incident. What do you think about Yung Mazi's ordeal? Sound off by posting a…2015-10-02T18:55:53.000Z

Yung Mazi spoke publicly on video about being shot in the past. In fact, being shot – and surviving – had become a key part of the rapper’s story. On July 22, he urged fans on Twitter to watch a video of him called “Take My Life” that addressed his claims of being shot 12 times. He said on video that he was shot so many times because “some people don’t like real dudes,” and because “I might walk around with a quarter-million dollars worth of jewelry on.”

“Known for his collaborations with the likes of Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan, this wasn’t Mazi’s first encounter in front of a gun as his prominence grew in tandem with several near-death shootings, the last of which occurred at a Waffle House in Atlanta in January of this year,” reported

Mazi’s website said: “Mazi, who was raised a devout Muslim, had the misfortune of learning the hard way…Twice. ‘I just recently found out you’re not going to be able to balance the music and the streets. It’s either one or the other.’”

Several years ago, the website said, an “old beef with a hustler” reemerged and Mazi “was shot five times—one bullet hitting him in the head and leaving him temporarily brain damaged, almost ending his life.” As a result of that shooting, ” I had to learn how to read, write, and speak all over again,” Mazi wrote on his website.

5. Fans Expressed Grief on Social Media as News of Yung Mazi’s Death Spread

Fans took to social media after learning that Yung Mazi had died. A sampling of posts: