‘Alaskan Bush People’ Might Be Fake, But Ami Brown’s Cancer Is Not

Ami Brown cancer update

The Discovery Channel

Over the years, viewers of Alaskan Bush People have made countless accusations about the show being fake. There are reports that the family lives a much different kind of life outside the show, rather than sticking it out in the wild. Regardless of the speculation, matriarch Ami Brown is sick with stage 4 lung cancer and this is NOT fake.

Brown’s illness has continued to progress and now she is being hospitalized with her family by her side. She has been given a grim chance of survival, at just 3 percent. And, through all her treatments, while trying to battle through the disease, Ami Brown has said on the show that her family worries, but has been a great support system. Brown said:

Bill and the kids are very loving and supportive. They’re all worried. I tell them, don’t worry. Please don’t worry. Be happy … keep the faith. Good or bad, it’s God’s will and we’ll walk that road.

Hollywood Life reports that the Brown family was staying southern California while Brown underwent treatment at the University of California Los Angeles.

Before the diagnosis, when Brown was first was experiencing pain, she actually thought that the pain was her arthritis acting up, as she explained to Radar Online:

Last fall I had some pain in my back. Walking from the house to the garden, I would get winded. There were days I was just bedridden, but I just thought it was my arthritis.

But, it was a trip to the dentist that led to the cancer discovery. After Brown’s doctors found that she had cancer, she was determined to fight the disease. Unfortunately, she is reported to have been confined to her hospital bed and Radar reports that Brown is just 86 pounds.

Ami Brown was first diagnosed with lung cancer while filming her family’s reality show Alaskan Bush People. When it comes to the fate of the show, no decisions have been reported.