‘Alaskan Bush People’ News: Ami Brown ‘Resting’ After Hospital Release

Ami Brown health update

The Discovery Channel

Ami Brown was recently released from the hospital and she is said to be “resting” at home, according to a fan site on Facebook. Although Ami’s prognosis following her lung cancer diagnosis hasn’t been super positive, she seems to be hanging in there the best that she can.

“The family is still in California where Ami is resting after her first round of cancer treatments. Hope everyone has a good Wednesday,” read the update in part.

Previous reports indicated that Ami had lost a significant amount of weight following chemotherapy and that she has been “very weak.” This is not uncommon for chemo patients, and often times the recovery after the treatment takes its toll. The most important thing that Ami can do these days is take it easy.

“I realized early into this that it’s very easy to want to give up and just die. And on the pessimist side, it could be my last days. But I have the will to fight,” Ami told People Magazine earlier this summer. “Worrying about it only makes it worse. There is hope and that hope is having faith in God. You can’t give up. I tell people be happy. Just be happy. It’s a choice. Things can be hard and you just want to curl up but you have to shine,” she added.

The Brown family has been renting a place in California while Ami underwent treatments. Fans have been leaving their well-wishes for Ami, hoping that she can pull through and that she’s not too uncomfortable.

Rumors about the next season of Alaskan Bush People have been plentiful, but the Discovery Channel has not commented on when the Brown family will start filming again — or, if they even will.

The last season of the popular television show followed the family as they supported Ami. Fans have been looking for updates any way they can, but the family has remained quiet in recent weeks. Even social media postings by the Brown kids — such as Rain — haven’t given fans any sort of update on Ami’s health.