‘Masterchef’ Season 8 Winner Predictions: Who Will Win the Finale Tonight?

The season 8 finale of Masterchef airs tonight, with three contestants involved in the last leg of the competition. Last week, Cate Meade was eliminated, which left Dino Angelo Luciano, Eboni Henry and Jason Wang vying for the $250,000 grand prize. And, Meade talked about her demise in the kitchen to the Chicago Tribune, recalling that:

It was a little frustrating in that sense where I was like, ‘Oh, I was doing so well and this one thing got me.’ But it was like a whole baking day and if there’s one area where it would not be like my strongest suit, it would be baking. It’s just something I do as a hobby.

The two hour finale starts at 8 p.m. ET/PT and by 10 p.m. ET/PT, there will be one winner walking away with the 2017 title of Masterchef.

Another big addition to the Masterchef finale is the return of former judge Joe Bastianich. While he is not back as a full-time cast member, he has arrived for the finale as a guest judge.

Now let’s get into the final three contestants and give you our predictions for tonight’s big winner.

Dino Angelo Luciano

Luciano is a wildcard and sometimes he excels, while other times, he is quite unpredictable in the kitchen. And, one thing that the Brooklyn native has said that he’s learned is to refine his cooking. He told the Brooklyn Eagle:

What they taught me on the show is how to eat with your eyes first, which is something I had never heard before. I learned how to refine myself. My biggest takeaway was the word refinement, and to translate my food into art.

Luciano also told the Brooklyn Eagle that he hasn’t really kept in contact with any of the judges since the show, so we are assuming that Luciano does not win … but we could be wrong.

Eboni Henry

Eboni Henry is a gifted home cook and cast-off Cate Meade has said that she believes Henry will be this season’s winner.

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Henry said that she didn’t initially see Henry as a finale competitor, but as time went on, she realized that Henry is “too tenacious” to not be a winner.

Jason Wang

As for Jason Wang, it’s clear that he has great technique and there is definitely a good chance he could walk away a winner tonight. Prior to being on the show, Wang went to Cornell as a plant science major in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and he also went on to become a high school music teacher, according to the Cornell Sun. So, his interests definitely vary. Who would have thought that cooking would be such a talent of his? It was actually his maternal grandparents who inspired him to get into cooking.

It’s really anyone’s game, but our vote is for Jason Wang, though we wouldn’t put it past Eboni Henry to take home the trophy. And, the underdog Dino Luciano could always pull a surprise win out of his chef’s hat …


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Why in the hell did Joe jummp in and cook Dinos food, that was not fair for the other two cocks ….

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