‘Rick and Morty’ Season 3 Episode 7: Ending Explained [SCREENSHOTS of Morty Picture]

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WOW. Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 7, “The Ricklantis Mixup,” may very well have been the best episode of the ENTIRE series. That ending twist was amazing.

Here’s a quick explanation of the end, in case you didn’t catch the photos of Morty that were floating around in the vacuum at the end of the episode.

This article has spoilers for Season 3 Episode 7. 

At the very end of the episode, we had a shocking revelation.

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Yes, President Morty is actually EVIL MORTY. 

The hints were all there. He was smarter than the rest of the Mortys and absolutely positive of his ability to win the election, despite the fact that the Ricks typically have an upper hand on the Mortys in the Citadel world.

And then, of course, when he calmly killed every Rick that believed he didn’t have true power and that they were going to stay in charge… Well, that’s not something just any Morty will do.

Yes, the information that a Rick secretly passed on to his former Campaign Manager was that the kindhearted Morty running for President was actually Evil Morty. He tricked everyone — again. The two pictures above are of Evil Morty: the time that he took over a Rick’s mind and was basically controlling him. The next picture to appear (which you can just barely see in the top lefthand corner) was of Evil Morty with wiring in his eye.

And while the pictures were floating in space, we got to hear the Evil Morty theme song. Here’s the song again, as it appeared in a previous episode:

evil morty – ending scenefrom the rick and morty episode "close rick-counters of the rick kind." this is the ending reveal in which evil morty is unveiled song is blonde redhead – for the damaged coda blonde redhead is a great band so please support their music clip is from season 1 episode 102014-04-10T03:07:29.000Z

But what could Evil Morty’s endgame be?

Whatever it is, fans are absolutely ecstatic that he’s back and they’re ready with more theories than ever. Here is just one of many reactions:

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