Why Is ‘Rick and Morty’ a Rerun Tonight? When Does It Return?

Adult Swim

If you tune in to watch Rick and Morty tonight at 11:30 p.m. Eastern, you may encounter an unpleasant surprise. Instead of seeing the new episode, Season 3 Episode 7, you’ll be seeing a rerun. In fact, if you tune in at the time that the episode is supposed to air, you’ll be greeted with Rickmancing the Stone instead of The Ricklantis Mixup.

What’s going on?

The next episode of Rick and Morty will air on September 10, in one more week. This is because the show is taking a one week break for Labor Day weekend. Instead of showing a new episode, Adult Swim is showing a marathon of Season 3.

Here’s a preview for the next episode:

Interestingly, fans originally thought that this episode, called “The Ricklantis Mixup,” was going to be called “Tales from the Citadel.” That’s what IMDB had listed for the episode title. It’s unclear if the title was simply wrong or if the show changed the title later.

UK Netflix still has the episode listed as “Tales from the Citadel,” as of two days ago, according to one Redditor:

Although this episode is going to no doubt be very interesting, it’s intriguing to wonder what “Tales from the Citadel” implies. The description for next week’s episode simply reads: “The guys visit Atlantis.”

Some people are seeing an episode description that talks about Beth’s background. That is likely not for next week’s episode, but it’s for Episode 8, which is titled “The ABCs of Beth.”

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