Dr. Owens on ‘Stranger Things 2’: All About Paul Reiser’s Character

Netflix Stranger Things

A new addition to Stranger Things 2 is Dr. Sam Owens, played by Paul Reiser. He’s part of the Department of Energy. It seems just from that brief description that he can’t be trusted, right? (Minor spoilers for Dr. Owens below.)

If Dr. Owens looks familiar, maybe it’s because Paul Reiser has starred in many shows over the years. He’s most famous for playing a lead role on Mad About You back in the 90s. But since then, he’s also starred in Red Oaks, TripTank, Married, The Paul Reiser Show, Strange Relations, The Story of Us, My Two Dads, and many more shows and movies.

As for his character, he will have a pretty substantial role. He’s a high-ranking official in the Department of Energy who has to contain all the crazy events that happened in Hawkins. He also has to clean up the mess that Dr. Brenner left behind. Brenner was the Director of Operations at Hawkins Lab, but it looks like Owens will be replacing him on the show.

Here’s what Reiser looked like when he was a little younger. Now you might recognize him easier:

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