EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jordan Fisher – ‘Dancing With the Stars’ 2017 Contestant

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ABC/Eric McCandless Jordan Fisher poses with pro partner Lindsay Arnold on set for DWTS.

Jordan Fisher is a young singer, actor and dancer, who is now a front-running contestant on Dancing With the Stars. He is dancing opposite pro champion Lindsay Arnold and tonight, he will be sharing a special moment in his life as part of his performance. Tonight’s theme for the live show is “Most Memorable Year”. For Fisher’s performance, he will reflect on the year that his grandparents adopted him. Over the past week, Fisher had a few moments to chat with us about his DWTS gig and his life outside the show. Get to know more about what’s going on with him in our exclusive interview below.

HEAVY: Ok. Tell me about your DWTS partner Lindsay Arnold and how rehearsals are going.
FISHER: Lindsay is a talented choreographer and a wonderful dancer. We have become firm friends. She creates a rehearsal environment which is both challenging and stimulating. Plus, we both love being silly and goofy together – she is amazing to work with. She helps me on the days when the dances are really tough. She keeps me laughing.

HEAVY: Who would you say is some of your biggest competition on DWTS?
FISHER: I know that DWTS is a competition but honestly none of us want to see anyone go home. We look forward to seeing what each couple has been working on. I guess my greatest competition is with myself- to constantly prove to myself I can rise to each challenging dance every week. Trust me it is so much harder than it looks but I am loving every minute.

HEAVY: So, you act, dance, sing and now you’re on Dancing With the Stars. How do you manage to keep sane?
FISHER: I have a wonderful supportive team that keep my world sane. If it wasn’t for them and the support of my family and loved ones it would be very difficult I am grateful to the people who surround me. I make it a priority to keep my health top of mind, and ensure I’m fueling properly for each day. Something I’ve really enjoyed is cooking and experimenting in the kitchen to stay sane, and one of my favorite ingredients to use is pasta. It’s one of my favorite refueling tools for my body, it’s a good carbs that everyone can enjoy.

HEAVY: You’ve been involved with musicals, appearing in “Hamilton” and also in Grease: Live. How were the two atmospheres different?
FISHER: Both were live productions and therefore they offered that instant gratification with the reaction from the audiences which I love. However the main difference was, that for Grease Live we had nine weeks of preparation but we only got to perform the show once. For Hamilton I only had four weeks of preparation but I was in the show for over three months. In that time I got to really develop the character. Both were rewarding and challenging experiences.

HEAVY: So, I hear you have a new single called “Mess” coming out. I’d love to hear about it.
FISHER: Yes “Mess” was released October 6 and the video will be released on October 12. “Mess” is the first single being released from my debut album which is coming soon. It is a taste of the direction in which my music is moving. “Mess” is based on my own relationship experiences. I truly believe that women are smarter than men and they can ‘Mess’ with us in good and sometimes not so good ways.

HEAVY: Nice. Okay, back to DWTS. What are you hoping to get out of your experience on DWTS?
FISHER: My friends who have been on the show had told me that of the many things that you take away from this show – the friendships that you form on the show go on to become long and lasting. I can tell you that I know that to be true already and it will be my most valuable takeaway.

HEAVY: Are there plans already in motion for when DWTS is over?
FISHER: Many things on the boil but nothing I can talk about just yet. One of my favorite ongoing projects is While the Water Boils actually. I really loved my time with Hannah Hart on the set of While The Water Boils. It was a great way to connect with my fans. It brought together all the things I love – cooking, eating pasta and sharing stories.

Jordan Fisher’s Passion for Music | While the Water Boils Ep 12What’s the passion you can’t help but share? For recording artist Jordan Fisher, it’s music. He jams on the guitar with Hannah Hart and pulls back the curtain on his creative process—all in the time it takes to cook pasta. See the bucatini pasta recipe Jordan and Hannah shared: bit.ly/2xAFzT4 Watch more episodes of While…2017-10-02T12:50:07.000Z

HEAVY: Well, since we’re talking about your fans, tell them a few things about your life before your career began to take off.
FISHER: I have been working hard in this business for over 14 years. It is a marathon for sure. It started in Birmingham, Alabama and led me to LA. I am so grateful for the support of my family and my team on this journey.

HEAVY: And, today, how have things changed?
FISHER: I am busy and I am blessed. I am getting to follow my passions and develop my art – I have so much more to share.

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