Laney Chantal, Jeordie White’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Just days after the longtime bassist and guitarist from Marilyn Manson was accused of rape, the band announced it’s decided to “part ways” with him moving forward. Manson (Brian Warner) announced the decision to cut ties with Jeordie White in a Twitter post, saying that he wished him well in his future endeavors. He added on Instagram: “This is a sad day.”

The decision from Warner to distance himself from White, who goes by the stage name Twiggy Ramirez, comes after Jack Off Jill singer Jessicka Addams accused him of rape and abuse in a lengthy Facebook post. She described her relationship with White, which started during the 1990s when she was 18 years old. Addams wrote that their relationship started fine, but Ramirez’s temper worsened, and violence continued to escalate and ultimately lead to rape.

Ramirez and Warner met during the late 1980s, and he ended up joining Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids in the early 1990s. He was given the name “Twiggy Ramirez” because of English supermodel Twiggy and the last name of serial killer Richard Ramirez. He left the band in 2003 and pursued other projects, which included time with A Perfect Circle, Queens of the Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails. He ended up rejoining Manson in 2008.

Ramirez has been married to 28-year-old model and make-up artist Alaina Chantal Parkhurst, who goes by Laney Chantal, for over three years. She’s worked on various projects in the entertainment industry with her make-up artistry and has also spent time as a model for Suicide Girls.

Here’s what you need to know about Chantal and Ramirez:

1. Chantal Said She’s Received Numerous Threats on Social Media

Addams said that she felt “guilt and shame” after the rape that allegedly took place Ramirez’s tour break from NIN.

I knew at that point that Jeordie had not been faithful on tour, including being with women whom I to this day respect and considered my musical contemporaries. All this led to an argument I never saw coming. He forced me on to the floor with his hand around my neck. I said NO. I said NO. I said it so loud enough, that [Addams’ roommate] Pete came rushing in from the other room to get him off of me. But I had been raped. I had been raped by somebody I thought I loved.

Since the accusations were made October 20, both sides have remained mum on words. Chantal seemed to comment on the matter briefly on social media hours after Ramirez was cut from the band. She wrote on Twitter that she’s been getting harassing tweets and messages from strangers.

Chantal also posted a status on her personal Facebook account saying that she seemed “to be popular” shortly after her husband was fired.

A post to Laney Chantal’s Facebook page on October 24.

Other social media posts by Chantal include many of her latest art projects, her dog, and a few others featuring colleagues and Ramirez.

2. Twisted Sister’s Lead Singer Presided Over Their Wedding in 2014

White and Chantal got married July 26, 2014 in West Hollywood, California, according to their wedding registry on The Knot.

Warner stood up at the wedding while other band mates, family and close friends joined in the ceremony. Dee Snider, the front man of the early 1980s band Twisted Sister, was the officiant at the wedding.

3. Chantal Is From Michigan but Moved to California Around 2009 to Pursue a Career

According to her Facebook profile, Chantal is from Manitou Beach, Michigan and graduated from Hudson High School in 2007. While in high school, she also studied graphic design at Lenawee County Vo-Tech. She attended classes at Jackson Community College, where she studied sculpting and art.

Two years after studying at the community college, she made the jump to California and started taking classes at Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles. The school is a private for-profit make-up training school in L.A. that was founded in 1993. Specialties at the school include makeup for film, TV, fashion and more.

Chantal graduated from the school in 2010 and specialized in fabrication, prosthetic makeup and sculpting. Her Facebook page says she used to work at Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park as a make-up artist.

4. She Appeared on SyFy’s Face Off & Quit the Show Before It Concluded

Chantal was a contestant on the Syfy reality game show Face Off, where she used her make-up artistry skills to create things that were found in science fiction or horror films. Each contestant was asked to perform challenges and have their work reviewed by a panel of judges. One candidate was eliminated from the show every episode until the final winner was chosen.

Chantal appeared on season five of the show and lasted until one of the final episodes. However, she voluntarily left the competition. She said in an exit interview with Entertainment Weekly that she left the show because she wasn’t “having fun anymore,” adding that being “homesick” wasn’t the only reason.

“I never thought in the beginning that I was going to win and that was never my goal,” she told EW. “I made a deal with myself that I wanted to at least make it halfway through and I really have not had that much experience with application and sculpting at all before I went on the show. As I was coming down to it, I was noticing as people left how upsetting it was. I could tell how badly they wanted to be there and — don’t get me wrong, I wanted to be there as well — I never really wanted the money and the car that badly.”

Chantal added that the she decided to audition for the show in the first place because she “wanted to prove” to herself that she “could do things.” Once she reached that goal, she said she was checked out.

“I felt like I had accomplished what I’d gone there to accomplish,” she said during the interview. “I created my favorite makeups I’ve ever done on this show. As a huge fan of the show, I didn’t know I was going to be up against the veterans.”

5. Chantal Has Worked on Numerous Films, TV Shows & Music Videos

According to her resume on her personal website, Chantal has worked on several films, TV shows, music videos and also designing costume items and makeup for bands. When she moved to California in 2009, she worked at a Halloween store before working in a shop with a team of artists at a company called Magee FX. There, she got the opportunity to work on music videos, movies and promotions. She also worked at Boneyard FX, applying makeup around the Halloween season at Universal Studios.

Upon her arrival in California, she landed a job as the make-up artist for Marilyn Manson as the band went out on tours across the globe. That’s presumably where she first met Ramirez.

Chantal’s expertise doesn’t end with makeup. She’s also crafted masks for several singers in bands such as Slipknot and Rob Zombie. She also made the mask Ramirez periodically wore on stage while with Manson.

Other notable work on her resume includes being the make-up artist in a short collaborative film by Manson which was directed by Shia Labouf (Born Villain).