Madison Hildebrand Dating Cody Keltz on ‘MDLLA’

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A post shared by Cody Keltz (@codykeltz) on Dec 1, 2016 at 6:39pm PST

Madison Hildebrand is back on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles in more of a full-time capacity for season 10. After being a way for a bit, making a few cameos and then appearing as a guest star, Hildebrand is back on the scene and he also has a new boy toy. Years ago, Hildebrand came out as a gay man on television and said that, “More than anything, I think coming out on television was a big decision for me because I know how hard it was for me to come out to my family and my friends. And I just wanted to be an example to show other people that you can be young, you can be successful and you can be gay and you don’t have to worry other judgment.” He also appeared on the reality show Millionaire Matchmaker in hopes of finding a longtime love. Now, he’s dating a younger model named Cody Keltz, who is based in Malibu, California. This is convenient for Hildebrand, who is a real estate agent, specializing in the Malibu area.

Prior to dating Keltz, Hildebrand was in a relationship a few years ago with a man named Marcos, who appeared on MDLLA with him. In fact, Hildebrand discussed being dumped on the show. But, now he’s moved on to Arizona State University graduate Keltz. According to Keltz’s Linked In profile, he previously worked as a bartender and server but he now works for Brian Lichtenberg, LLC, where he works as a creative director and fashion manager. He has been with the company for over 3 years. In addition to working in fashion, he has also teamed up with boyfriend Hildebrand to support the organization, the Boys and Girls Club in Malibu. The two even put on a charity event to support them. Keltz has also been accompanying Hildebrand on some of his business and speaking engagements. The couple has photos together dating back to January 2017, so they have definitely been dating for almost a year.

When Hildebrand was on Millionaire Matchmaker, he talked about his past relationships to Patti Stanger. Hildebrand opened up about a year and a half relationship with a guy who worked as an assistant. Hildebrand also said that he’s very busy and focuses on work a lot, which is sometimes a problem. With his return to Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles this season, he is already getting into heated fights with some of the other cast members. In the past, he had a falling out with former assistant and co-worked Heather Bilyeu. When Bilyeu started dating her now-husband Josh Altman, Hildebrand, in turn, had issues with Altman as well. This season, Hildebrand gets into a sticky situation when he supposedly gets a listing, which he allegedly obtained by lying about getting an offer on the property. He is then confronted by agents David Parnes and James Harris. At an event, Harris tells Hildebrand, “You know how unethical you were and you don’t want to talk about it. That’s the truth, is it not?” Harris then tells the cameras that, “He knows he’s wrong. He knows he’s lied. He knows what he’s done is completely unacceptable. He’s an unethical wimp.”