‘The Voice’ 2017 Winners for Comeback Contestants

Tonight is the beginning of the playoff rounds for season 13 of The Voice, so the show is airing three times this week. According to Gold Derby, tonight the show will run for two hours and will feature the playoffs of Blake Shelton and Jennifer Hudson’s teams. Then, Tuesday night and Wednesday night’s shows will be one hour each. On Tuesday, Miley Cyrus’ team will perform and on Wednesday, Adam Levine’s team will compete. Each of the teams have five contestants remaining in the mix and each coach had the privilege of bringing back a cast-off contestant to rejoin the competition. So, who are the four comeback contestants this season? Miley Cyrus brought back Karli Webster, coach Jennifer Hudson opted to take back Lucas Holliday, Adam Levine opted for Whitney Fenimore and Blake Shelton kept Nancy Stovall. To get to know each of these four contestants read on below.

Karli Webster

Webster grew up in Santa Clarita, California and she is an award-winning pianist, who started to play the piano at age 3. In addition, her singing talent earned her a full scholarship to the prestigious Thornton School of Music, according to NBC. When she first appeared on The Voice for the blind auditions, she performed Carly Simon’s song “You’re So Vain.”

Lucas Holliday

Holliday hails from Lansing, Michigan and he surprised all of the coaches at the blind audition because his looks do not match his voice. Back home, Holliday works as a cashier for a local convenience store, where he is known as the singing cashier. His singing has even gone viral online. While Holliday’s appearance is not flashy, he tells the Lansing State Journal that he does not intend to change his image just because he is on The Voice. Holliday explained, “I have a sense of style. But I don’t want to push some crazy, outlandish thing. You probably won’t see me dressed up like Prince.”

Whitney Fenimore

Fenimore grew up singing in the church and performing with Christian bands in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She eventually moved to Los Angeles to pursue music but found the pressure to be too much for her. She soon suffered from great anxiety and was brought back home to recuperate. Fenimore announced the news that she was returning to The Voice as a comeback artist by putting up a Facebook post that read, “Karli Webster and I freaking the freak out about being COMEBACK ARTISTS ON The Voice WE ARE COMING BACK FOR PLAYOFFS FOLkS!”

Nancy Stovall

Stovall is 35 years old from Tennessee and she started taking violin lessons at a young age. Her violin playing brought her to The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Grand Ole Opry, in addition to other esteemed places. When she was old enough, she then attended the Berklee College of Music. Stovall specializes in country music.

When it comes to tonight’s playoffs, Blake Shelton and Jennifer Hudson’s teams are set to perform. For those who wants spoilers on who reportedly makes it through tonight, read on for the details … On Blake Shelton’s team, Chloe Kohanski, Keisha Renee and Red Marlow are saved and headed for the top 12. From Jennifer Hudson’s team, the contestants who made it through are Davon Fleming, Shi’Ann Jones and Noah Mac.

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