Where Was Hallmark’s ‘A Song for Christmas’ Filmed?

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Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ latest Christmas movie, A Song for Christmas, takes place on a gorgeous local family farm in Pennsylvania owned by the Lapps family. Does this farm actually exist? If you’re watching the movie, you’re likely wondering if you can visit the movie’s filming location and see those beautiful locations for yourself. Well, the filming wasn’t done in Pennsylvania, but you can visit where the movie was filmed and experience that Christmas feeling for yourself.

A Song for Christmas was filmed in Canada. Shooting locations included North Bay in Ontario, a city with a population of a little more than 51,000. Powassan, a small town in the province of Ontario, was also the location for much of the filming. Other filming sites included Callander and Corbeil in Canada. 

North Bay and Corbeil were the locations for other Christmas movies too.

In fact, at the same time this movie was being filmed, another movie called Christmas Inheritance was also being filmed in North Bay:

You never know what you’ll see in the region!

In March, the local news site North Bay Nipissing wrote a detailed story about A Song for Christmas being filmed in downtown Powassan. Most of the filming there took place between March 29 and April 4. Producers decorated the town to give it more of a Christmasy feel, even though it wasn’t the most wonderful time of year when it was filmed.

In Powassan, filming locations included:

  • The centre of town
  • Veterans Memorial Park
  • The commercial section of Main Street
  • Part of Memorial Park Drive on either side of Main Street

A notice for town residents read: “During filming days we are asking for your co-operation with regards to parking and traffic flow in town. Prior to each film day we will place orange parking cones on the sides of the streets that we will need to reserve for our vehicles, cameras and actors the following morning… If you need to stop temporarily in these coned off areas, please speak to one of our security staff and let him know how long you will be remaining and where he can find you in case the need arises.”

Residents were welcomed to come and watch the filming, as long as they stayed a safe distance from the crew so they could continue working.

Here’s another picture from the set:

Want to read the note sent to the residents of Callander about the movie’s filming? You can see the note in PDF form here. In Callander, filming took place at 961 Callander Bay Dr., otherwise known as Smylie Farm Bed and Breakfast.

So if you’re wanting to experience the magic of A Song for Christmas, just visit Canada, stopping at Smylie Farm, Powassan, Callander, and Corbeil.

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