Ami Brown of ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Update on Cancer & Health Status

Tonight airs a special episode of Alaskan Bush People, dedicated to the holiday season. The episode is titled “Christmas in Browntown” and the synopsis reads, “The Brown family celebrates the holidays with their own style, with feats of strength and custom-made gifts.” In a promo video of tonight’s show, matriarch Ami Brown, who has been battling lung cancer, appears very frail. When the family surprises Mom Ami with a holiday set-up, Ami seems to need assistance with her balance when walking. Dad Billy Brown is at her side and helps her make her way to the dinner table. Prior to Ami’s arrival, her two daughters Rain and Bird reveal that things “looked bad for a while” and that they were just thankful to have their mother home for the holidays.

According to reports, Ami Brown is done with treatments for her cancer. The Inquistr has stated that Brown has actually been “miraculously cured”. But, it’s important to remember that she has been battling stage 4 cancer for months and went through two rounds of chemotherapy. Monsters and Critics reported that on the ABP special, after patriarch Billy Brown meets with Ami’s specialist at UCLA Medical Center for an update, he reveals, “Her lungs are clear. She’s still weak and she has a cough and all that, but if you look inside her eyes that’s the best part because Ami’s back. She’s inside there, and she wasn’t for a while.” In addition, oncologist Dr. Deborah Wong told Ami, “It sounds like you bounced back really well. We don’t know what the future will hold. It’s kind of out of our hands, but there’s every single reason to be hopeful and absolutely optimistic … You were pretty sick, but you got through it. I think that’s a testament to, you know, the strength of your will but also the strength and resolve of your entire family.”

Ami Brown’s husband Billy, overcome with joy, talked about how the family’s faith carried them through Ami’s battle, “She’s fought this really hard, and she seems to be doing ok — she really does. We made some of our hardest decisions this year, but my faith in Ami and, you know, God through her … that keeps you strong … It’s been a hard road, but to know it’s been worth it, to know it’s better than it was no matter what it may be, makes it very good. I’m extremely thankful to the good Lord.”

Now that Ami Brown appears to be on the mend, fans wonder about the fate of Alaskan Bush People as a show. Well, the new season begins on the Discovery Channel on January 4, 2017. Check out a preview video of the new season in the below Instagram post.

The Brown family has been residing in California so that Mom Ami could receive the medical attention she needed. They maintain that they fully intend to move to Colorado like they talked about on the show last season. Dad Billy Brown assures viewers, “It’s a new beginning. We didn’t close the book. We just closed the chapter and opened the next one.”