‘Angry Grandpa’ Cause of Death: How Did the YouTube Star Die?

YouTube Charles Marvin Green Jr., known as "Angry Grandpa" on YouTube, has died, his son announced.

Charles Marvin Green Jr., the man who captivated millions of viewers on his YouTube channel as Angry Grandpa, died at the age of 67 over the weekend. His son, Michael Green, made the emotional announcement in a YouTube video posted Sunday to their popular channel.

“Today it’s my unfortunate responsibility to tell you that we have lost Grandpa,” the video’s description said. “But he’ll never be forgotten.”

Angry Grandpa was diagnosed with skin cancer last year and beat it. However, a few months later, he was diagnosed with cirrhosis. His health continued to decline after the diagnosis, and he died after a battle with the disease.

“We were so happy, we were like, ‘Man, 2016 is going to be great,'” he said. “In July, he was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver, which we thought was early stage. It turns out it was not early stage, it was end stage, and I think he knew and didn’t want to tell us.”

On July 4, Angry Grandpa collapsed while at his son’s house, he said, and that caused them to worry the disease was worse than initially thought. According to WebMD, cirrhosis develops when scar tissue replaces healthy tissue in the liver, and it occurs when healthy cells become damaged over many years. The scar tissue makes the liver hard, and it eventually starts to fail. There is no cure for cirrhosis except for a liver transplant.

Michael made the video post hours after his father died, and he was very emotional in the video.

“I respect him too much to hide how I feel from the video, people are going to make fun of me for crying and that’s OK, I’ll take it,” his son said. “Because if he’s out there somewhere, I hope he can hear me.”

Watch the emotional video statement below:

Angry Grandpa, of Summerville, South Carolina, had an unexpected rise to internet fame after a video where he lost his temper and smashed his son’s PS4 gaming system was posted to YouTube several years ago. With a positive response from the first video, The Angry Grandpa Show was created, and it included multiple vlogs where he lost his cool in a variety of scenarios.

In seven years, the YouTube channel amassed nearly 3.5 million subscribers, and Michael said that with it, he was able to purchase him a house and many other things.

“I was able to buy him the dream car, and I’m so grateful to you guys for watching all the time and liking all the time and telling him how much you love him and appreciate him,” Michael said. “It gave him a lease on life that none of us believed that he could have.”

Angry Grandpa’s videos were featured on various TV shows, and a second, more personal YouTube channel was created where he was able to share stories from his life. That included a weekly segment called “Mailbag Monday,” where he opened up letters and packages sent by viewers, often referred to as “Grandpa’s Army.”

He’s a former firefighter for the North Charleston Fire Department and also owned a small business. He had bipolar disorder that he took medication for, and he credited his YouTube channel for turning him away from alcoholism.