Black Museum Easter Eggs: Photos of Every Black Mirror Episode Mentioned [SPOILERS]


Black Museum may be one of the densest episodes in Black Mirror history, full of Easter eggs that are going to take a long time to uncover. Even Charlie Brooker has said publicly that this episode proves, once and for all, the episodes of Black Mirror share the same universe. This article is going to begin looking at the Easter eggs found in Black Museum. We’ll be updating this story as more Easter eggs are found, so be sure and let us know what you see that we missed in the comments below. This post will have major spoilers for Black Museum, Arkangel, USS Callister, Crocodile, and more Season 4 episodes, and many other episodes from previous seasons. This should be read after you’ve seen all the episodes. If you haven’t seen them yet, bookmark this story and come back to it. 

Victoria Skillane from White Bear


One of the first things we see is a huge picture of Victoria Skillane from the White Bear episode. She’s referenced in quite a few Black Mirror episodes, like Hated in the Nation. And she appears again here, in a museum run by a former TCKR employee that shows some of the biggest crimes that happened in history, and the objects associated with them. We also see the mask, with the White Bear logo on it, worn by Michael Smiley during the episode:


Here’s an interesting thought… If White Bear is included in a museum of crimes, then that means White Bear park is shut down now.

The Bees from Hated in the Nation

In this next photo, courtesy of Netflix, we can see a closeup of the bees that were at the center of the episode Hated in the Nation. This photo has my watermark on it because it’s from an early-release version from the media. If this really is from Hated in the Nation, then we can guess that this experiment was shut down completely too.

USS Callister’s Lollipop


Interestingly, the lollipop from USS Callister, which Capt. Daly used to clone the Walton’s six-year-old son, is also featured. The device it’s featured with is interesting and may point to the type of technology that Capt. Daly used to clone cookies so easily — a process that took a lot longer in White Christmas.


Interestingly, this scene even features the words “Cloning Without Consent,” which is a big theme in USS Callister. But the sign could also be referencing White Christmas or even Be Right Back. Now that cookies have human rights, any of those scenarios might be against the law.


The Tablet from Arkangel


In the photo above, we see the tablet on display from the Arkangel episode. This gives us an idea of when that episode took place in the timeline. The tech was later banned, so it’s understandable that it would appear in this episode.

Reference to The National Anthem?


Do you see the guy hanging in the background? Could this be a reference to the man who kidnapped the princess and then later hung himself in the very first episode, The National Anthem?

San Junipero References


There are so many San Junipero references, I had to make a separate article about TCKR. We learned that Rolo Haynes was a recruiter for TCKR, the inventor of San Junipero. San Junipero was named after the hospital that TCKR did its experiments from: Saint Juniper’s. They did many unethical experiments, some of which were later outlawed. Consciousness transfers began by simply learning how to transfer feelings from one brain to another (which led to a doctor going insane.) Then they moved on to low-fi transferring of a consciousness from one brain into another, where it had independent thought but no movement. Then they transferred a consciousness into an inanimate object, but this was later outlawed. But all this led to the development of San Junipero, where old people are uploaded into the cloud.

But here’s my worry. Does the “Double Suicide” sign above give us a hint to San Junipero? This is all about crimes. Is it possible that they really weren’t transferring their consciousnesses, but they were falsely led to believe they were? So they committed suicide under false pretenses? I really hope that’s not what’s being hinted at here. Some have said the suicide actually references White Christmas, so let’s hope that’s the case.

(By the way, this isn’t the only reference to San Junipero. Kristin Anderson Barrick-Shisler commented below and pointed out a Variety article that mentioned Yorkie and Kelly’s dresses can be seen in the museum too.)

Cooper’s Interrogation in Playtest?

Could any of these interrogation scenes possibly be related to Cooper’s interrogation on Playtest? Considering how he died, that would definitely be classified as a crime and it’s possible that particular immersive tech was outlawed.




And as one commenter, Cassie Walsh, mentioned below: “The hallway before entering the main display area is modeled after Playtest. It includes the decor and creepy people with knifes.”

The Bathtub from Crocodile

I’m not sure why I missed this at first, but many thanks to Chad and an anonymous commenter who pointed this one out. The bathtub they keep focusing on is from the Crocodile episode.

Fifteen Million Merits Comic

In a flashback, Jack is reading a comic about Fifteen Million Merits. (Many thanks to Ashley, Ahmad, and Kami, who commented below and pointed this out!)

  • Shut Up and Dance Reference

  • The lab rats that Rolo talks about in Black Museum, Kenny and Hector, were named after the two main characters of Shut Up and Dance. 

More Photos That Need To Be Identified

There are a lot more photos that need to be identified. Here are just a few screenshots. What do you think of these? Do you recognize any of these from other episodes? Let us know in the comments below.


George commented below about this next photo (below) showing all the masks. These aren’t connected to an episode, but may be masks of people connected to Black Mirror or sci-fi greats. George wrote: “The first two on the left could easily be David Slade and Charlie Brooker. The third looks like Orson Welles.”

NetflixThis is too reminiscent of Game of Thrones.

Many thanks to Dee Saunders for identifying the next photo below! Thank you Dee for your comment! This is Joel Collins, the production and special effects designer for Black Mirror. So this one isn’t related to a particular episode, but it’s interesting nonetheless!


An anonymous commenter below mentioned that this might be the headset that was used in Playtest. What do you think?



This is a developing story. If you see Easter eggs I missed, let me know in the comments below.