Who Is Lala Kent Dating? Is Randall Emmett Her Secret Boyfriend?

Last season on Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent got a lot of heat over her “secret boyfriend,” who was rumored to be married. There were talks of non-disclosure agreements and questions about what her man does and doesn’t pay for in their relationship. Kent said that her boyfriend is not married and has still not revealed his name. Recently, Kent talked about her boyfriend and the unlikeliness of him appearing on Vanderpump Rules. She dished to Us Weekly that, “He came to the Vanderpump premiere party the other day, producers were like, ‘Would you ever make an appearance on Vanderpump?’ and he said, ‘If you pay me one hundred million dollars, I’ll show up because that’s what my company is worth,’ so I think it’s safe to say, no, he will not be making an appearance on Vanderpump but he’s spoken about this season, so that’s cool. He remains with no name, but he is definitely spoken about.” Kent then added, “We’re in no rush obviously to get married or have kids because there’s still so much I want to accomplish but yeah, I found my person. I’m really happy.”

So, who is this mystery man? According to The Hollywood Gossip, Kent is supposedly dating a 45-year-old man named Randall Emmett. The speculation reportedly started when Kent’s VP co-star Stassi Schroeder tweeted “When you’re desperate & not captivating enough on your own …
[Lala Kent] give Randall a huge from all of us you fat shamed.”

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So, who is Randall Emmett? THG reports that he is a film producer who is married to actress Ambyr Childers. THG also stated that Kent, “recently deleted a photo of her kissing a man whose face had been blocked out after fans pointed out some similarities. The bracelets worn by the man in the now-scuttled image look similar to the ones Emmett often sports, according the Kent’s followers.”

Emmett and his wife Childers have one daughter together named London Thea Emmett, but Page Six reports the couple are not exactly together right now. Emmett reportedly first filed for separation from Childers in April 2015, but asked the court to dismiss their case in May 2016. Page Six states that this was “around the same time our insider says Kent met Emmett.” In January 2017, Childers ended up filing for divorce and the case is still open.

Many may know Childers from her role as Colby Chandler on All My Children and Ashley on the hit drama Ray Donovan, according to OKHereIsTheSituation. Emmett is a founder of Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films/EFO Films and OKHereIsTheSituation has stated that the company has been sued for fraud and racketeering in the past. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Nemesis Finance sued Emmett’s company in 2016 for breach of contract, fraud and violation of the RICO Act. THR also reported that Emmett’s company was also sued over the movies Heist and Motor City. In addition, they were also suing the co-producers of a Tupac Shakur biopic. Most recently, over the summer, Emmett’s company was sued by Baker Entertainment for $4.5 million in damages. THR stated that, “Jonathan Baker claims Randall Emmett told him if he agreed to co-finance and produce Inconceivable he’d return the favor by co-financing and producing a film of Baker’s choosing. Almost immediately after the funds were deposited, Baker claims, defendants paid themselves $650,000 more in producer fees than was agreed upon and failed to disclose the payment. Baker also claims defendants breached their deal by accepting additional financing from third parties and allowing those parties to be repaid first.” According to Celebrity Net Worth, Emmett has an estimated wealth of $8 million.

Recently, Page Six posted a video of Kent and a man who appears to be Emmett sharing a kiss. The video clip is from a FabFitFun event at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills on December 7, 2017. An insider dished that, “They were side by side the whole time, but they weren’t doing the PDA snuggly thing. They didn’t leave each other’s side.” Check out the video below.