WATCH: SAG Awards 2017 Opening Monologue

Tonight’s host of the 2018 SAG Awards is Kristen Bell and she is the first ever host of the event. In an interview with E!, Bell recalled how she got the gig, saying, “They just called and said, ‘Would you want to?’ and at first I was nervous to say yes, but that very quickly morphed into flattery, which I’m susceptible to, so I just said, ‘Yes, absolutely’ and it seems very poignant that it was also to be a woman.”

The SAG Awards this year will have a focus on women in the entertainment industry, with all women participating in the opening and only women as presenters for the event, according to CNN.

Each year, the show begins with actors and actresses in the crowd telling stories of how they became successful, ending their anecdotes with their name and the sentence, “I am an actor.” At the start of the show, Allison Janney talked about her dreams of becoming an Olympic figure skater. She then said she was cast as a male role in a play. Tracee Ellis Ross was next, and she joked about how many shoes she has … Millie Bobby Brown was up next and encouraged girls at home to live out their dreams. Host Kristen Bell then talked about her love for Disney movies while growing up, saying she knew that one day she would be a part of that world. She joked, “My name’s Kristen Bell and I am a narcissist.”

Taking the stage, Bell said that she is the First Lady of the event, as she is the first ever host. She then went on to make fun of and recognize some of the night’s nominees. Bell then took time for a serious segment about the Time’s Up movement and the outpouring of victims speaking out against their abusers in the industry. She also said it’s important to come together.