Did Tom Schwartz Cheat on Wife Katie With Lala Kent’s Friend Alli?

Last week on Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent told co-stars Ariana Madix and Scheana Shay that she knew some dirt on Katie Maloney’s husband, Tom Schwartz. Kent dishes that, “I get a phone call from my friend Alli and she’s like, ‘Tom Schwartz is here. Dude, he can’t keep his hands off me.’ They made out, he was like touchy-feely.”

In the past, Schwartz has admitted to having slipped up and cheated on Maloney. But, at the end instructs himof last season, the couple wiped the slate clean and tied the knot. Bigwig Lisa Vanderpump even officiated their nuptials. According to Kent, and a video clip shown, Kent’s friend Alli made out with Schwartz during a fun night out when Maloney was out of town. Alli told Kent that Schwartz was completely drunk and was calling her “Bubba” all night. “Bubba” is his nickname for his wife. When this episode aired, Katie Maloney joked on Twitter that “everyone is Bubba” and co-star Kristen Doute tweeted, “For the record, Tom calls me/Carter bubba when he’s drunk too. This bish is thirrrrrsty.”

Madix, who was a part of the bridal party at Schwartz and Maloney’s wedding, ends up pulling Schwartz aside to tell him about the allegations. She also instructs Schwartz to talk to his wife about the claims at another time, since they are at an upscale birthday party. Unfortunately, Schwartz doesn’t listen and spills the beans right away to his wife, Maloney, and everyone else at the event, including Lisa Vanderpump. With Schwartz getting into business with Vanderpump, she voices that she worries he can be responsible enough to be a business partner. Vanderpump tells the cameras that her concern is, “Am I going to come in the night after and he’s going to be wasted, lying on the couch, with all the money gone and the keys on the pavement and he’s going to say, ‘Well, I don’t remember’?”

Schwartz says that he doesn’t remember making out with anyone, but he doesn’t rule it out. Even his BFF Tom Sandoval tells him he’s disappointed. Prior to the new Vanderpump Rules season airing, star Lisa Vanderpump did tell Bravo that she was upset with something having to do with Schwartz, so perhaps she was referring to this news. Prior to the show airing, Vanderpump told Entertainment Tonight, “I’ve seen, this season, something with [Tom Schwartz] that I wasn’t happy with. And I have a lot invested in Schwartzie and a lot invested in Katie, so anytime he even put a foot wrong, that would not make me happy.”

Schwartz’s explanation to Madix when she confronts him with the news is, “There’s no way. No, it couldn’t have been. Yeah, I remember going to Bungalow, but I definitely don’t remember making out with anybody. I got shit-faced that night, I remember that, but … I truly and honestly am baffled. Obviously I’ve done this before, so I am capable of this, but I have no recollection whatsoever of it. I’m like a werewolf.”

Rachael O’Brien, a friend of the Vanderpump Rules cast members, told The Daily Dish podcast that she may not take the claims against Schwartz too seriously. O’Brien said that, “Schwartz is such a good guy, but also there’s probably a kernel of truth to it. He does get too drunk … Schwartz is just not that guy. He’s not a flirt. He’s the least flirty guy ever … So I kind of thought, like, I don’t know, maybe he like leaned over and was like shit-faced, but I don’t know; I didn’t put much weight in it.” O’Brien said that watching the new episodes was hard on Katie Maloney and that the rumors in general were difficult to hear because the couple was “in a good place”.

So, how is the couple today? According to Bravo, Maloney recently stated that, “We’re doing amazing. Married life is pretty damn blissful, but it’s still work. We still have things that we’re working on and old habits.”

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