Is Hallmark Going To Make a ‘Wedding March 4’?

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If you’re tuning in to watch Hallmark’s third Wedding March movie tonight, Wedding March 3: Here Comes the Bride, then you’re probably already wondering if we’ll be lucky enough to get a fourth movie. And we have some good news to share. The answer is yes. Yes, Hallmark is working on a Wedding March 4, and it looks like it will be released sooner than you might think. 

Wedding March is a delightful series about Mitch and Olivia finding love again, and how happy their family is to be along for the ride. And the series of movies is set in an absolutely beautiful setting in Canada. Hallmark decided to make the original movie into a series after the first movie had more than 2 million viewers during its debut in Hallmark’s June wedding series. Now we’re seeing the third movie, and Hallmark is already getting ready to show us the fourth.

Several publications have reported that Hallmark is planning to release Wedding March 4 in its June wedding series this year in 2018. Yes, that means we’ll get to see Wedding March 4 in June. Southern Living was one of the first to report the good news. Wedding March 4 is the working title and it will feature Olivia and Mitch again, but we don’t know any more details than that. It’s tentatively called Wedding March 4: June Wedding according to 604 Now, but just like tonight’s movie was originally called Wedding March 3: Valentine’s Wedding, that title will likely change.

Other movies that will be released during the June weddings season for 2018 include Marrying Mr. Darcy, Dream On, Wedding in the Vineyard, and The Perfect Bride 2. Yes, right now it looks like every movie is going to be a sequel!

More than likely, Wedding March 3 will be filmed in the same locations as The Wedding March, Wedding March 2, and Wedding March 3 were filmed. The lovely wedding venue that stands at the center of these movies is Rowen’s Inn on the River in Canada (also called Pretty Estates Resorts.) Learn more about it in Heavy’s story here.

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